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Monday, May 29, 2017

'Illicit' DVD: Neo-Modern 'Fatal Attraction' Times Two

breaking glass pictures demonstrates its trademark edge regarding the May 23, 2017 DVD release of the 2017 drama "Illicit." This update of the 30 year-old classic cautionary tale "Fatal Attraction" shows that it is not yet safe for married people to go back to the singles' bars.

The following YouTube clip of the sexy and steamy "Illicit" trailer gets you eager to learn more about the booty calls gone bad. 

Our central couple is 30-something rising parole officer Guy Curtis (whom "Arrow" star David Ramsey portrays well) and his former model/current jewelry designer/ wife Sasha. The DC Universe vibe continues with "Lois and Clark" and "Supergirl" star Dean Cain in a cameo as a fiance of someone in the orbit of the Curtises.

Although Guy is generally content at home and realistically hopefully regarding a job promotion at the beginning of the film, Sasha feels unfulfilled and wants to return to modeling. The objections of Guy to that desire mostly relate to not wanting his spouse to work with sleazy photographers and not to have her become the object of the affection of crowds of men who would view her pictures.

A chance encounter with aptly named aspiring photographer/actor Lance gets things off to a Lifetime Movie start by having that shutterbug assertively pursue a relationship with Sasha despite knowing that she is married. She soon succumbs to their mutually inclusive desires and agrees to pose for him. The intimacy of that act soon leads to even more intimate acts.

Meanwhile, the sympathy that Guy feels toward a parolee leads to this pair bonding in a manner that leads to her bed when concern regarding the former boyfriend of the ex-con brings Guy to the home of his charge one evening. Although said parolee does not cook a domesticated woodland creature, she makes it abundantly clear that Guy cannot push her aside. Said former boyfriend also not going away greatly contributes to multiple perils that Guy faces to his personal and professional lives, as well as to his physical being. 

The stereotypical risks of exposure include the late-night texts, the dropping by the house unannounced, the "chance encounters" with the other spouse, etc. Every person who poses a threat to the relative marital tranquility of Guy and the parolee being mentally unstable amps up the suspense regarding the exposure risk.

Everything culminates at a party where Guy and Sasha each face his or her dirty little secret being revealed on a partycrasher arriving and Sasha discovering that far less than six degrees of separation exist regarding Lance and Guy. 

Writer/director Corey Grant keeps the audience guessing until near the end of the film. The numerous probable outcomes keep this compelling. Films no longer adhering either to the moral code of the 20th century or the related requirement of a Hollywood ending keep us guessing regarding who (if anyone) is not going to be breathing at the end of the film or whether Guy and Sasha end up in divorce court, renew their vows, or wind up somewhere in the middle.

The DVD extras include a behind-the-scenes documentary and audio commentary by Grant.

Anyone with questions or comments regarding "Illicit" is encouraged either to email me or to connect on Twitter via @tvdvdguy; just do not tell my highly significant other about it. 

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