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Monday, May 28, 2018

'Swung' DVD: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Wife Swapping But Were Afraid to Ask

Film Movement gets especially intimate (and a little steamy) regarding the May 22, 2018 DVD release of the 2015 drama "Swung." This sexy and amusing tale of 30-something U.K. couple David and Alice seeking outside help when David experiences impotence artfully explores every aspect of the titular wife swapping.

The following YouTube clip of a "Swung" trailer awesomely highlights the humor and the eroticism that make this film good.

The angst of David includes being a divorced unemployed graphic artist with a loving young daughter and a domineering ex-wife. Live-in main squeeze Alice is a magazine reporter with performance anxiety in terms of facing her own unemployment if she does not adequately produce at work.

The couple loves each other to the extent that the spirit is willing even though the flesh of David is unable, At the same time, Alice feels the strain of David not bringing home the bacon in either sense of that word.

The related aspect of this that propels the action is a common Internet Age issue. The stimulation from online personals seeking casual encounters does the trick for David much better than the real thing. Alice catching him red handed with his pants down prompts an argument regarding both his engaging in activity that makes it more difficult to satisfy Alice and literally playing with himself when he should be looking for work.

The fruits of the cooling off period include the couple considering spicing things up by making their sex life a small group activity. This becoming a magazine article topic provides a further benefit regarding making new friends.

The first effort at expanding their horizons finds David and Alice having an enlightening dinner with experienced swingers. These folks seem nice, and we learn the surprising reason for their adopting that lifestyle. The largest related twists occur when things move very quickly, and the audience learns that the other man does not speak very softly and carries a really big stick that he seems to actually utilize.

The mixed results from this encounter encourage David and Alice to continue this form of marital therapy.

Things progress to David and Alice meeting old pro Dolly (Elizabeth McGovern) in every sense of the word. She tells them about a group that meets every month to fully let go to the extent of people not seeing who is attached to appendage with which they are interacting. The sound psychological principle behind this is that people benefit from shedding their inhibitions until they feel adequately purged to better deal with the civilized world.

The climax (no pun intended) comes when the big night arrives and David is less on board with the plan than Alice. Much of the appeal of "Swung" is a degree of ambiguity regarding the willingness of Alice to take one (or several) for the team.

This leads to an amusing variation of a frantic search for the one who at least temporarily got away. This, in turn, provides our couple clarity regarding their relationship.

The Movement worthy aspect of "Swung" extends beyond the strong performances of Owen McDonnell and Elena Anaya ("Wonder Woman.") The film reflect how the weak market for professional employment can exacerbate sexual problems related to age and a relationship getting a little stale. This is not to mention the Internet facilitating instant gratification on a solo and couple basis. This element of the matter shows that a seemingly easy fix is not always the best choice.

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