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Thursday, October 2, 2014

'For Those in Peril' L.A. Premiere: BAFTA Winning Scottish Tale of Loss and Sea-based Superstition

The October 3, 2014 premiere of the well-produced 2013 Scottish film "For Those in Peril" at the Arena Cinema in Los Angeles will both provide a chance to see this equally dramatic and haunting film and to make a plethora of Groundskeeper Willie and Scottish independence jokes. It seems as well that Random Media is releasing the "Peril" a week later on DVD.

The numerous accolades for this film about an outcast who survives a mysterious accident aboard a commercial fishing boat becoming even more ostracized in the wake (no pun intended) of the incident include the Critic's Week Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival and the 2013 Scotland BAFTA award for Best Feature Film.

"Peril" central character Aaron is a shy and quirky but very pleasant late teens lad in a small Scottish fishing village who becomes the scapegoat for the aforementioned tragedy. A small part of the blame is based on wild speculation and the rest is based on Aaron not being like the other boys resulting in bringing bad luck on the boat.

For his part, Aaron attributes the event to the devil in the sea essentially swallowing the boat and crew. Aaron additionally believes that said evil entity is holding Aaron's brother Michael, who is among the victims of the accident, captive under the sea and that Aaron can rescue him.

Terrific flashbacks depict the close bond that Aaron and Michael share. More eerie hallucinatory scenes show the audience the inner workings of Aaron's increasingly unstable mind.

Other compelling scenes show the open scorn that villagers of all ages feel toward Aaron. These include a cliched but well presented scene in which an unwitting Aaron asks the father of a deceased crew member about the prospects of working on another ship.

"Peril" additionally is notable for having Aaron develop an increasingly close relationship with the significant other of Michael. These scenes evoke thoughts of the ancient tradition of a brother essentially inheriting the widow of a deceased brother.

All of this adds to either a chance to spend an evening out watching a film with much more substance and quality than the typical Hollywood fare or to later enjoy this atmospheric film on DVD.

Anyone with questions regarding "Peril" is strongly encouraged to either email me or connect on Twitter via @tvdvdguy.

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