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Sunday, October 5, 2014

'Another Dawn' DVD: (Errol) Flynn of Arabia

Another Dawn (1937)
The 1937 Errol Flynn romantic adventure film "Another Dawn," which Warner Archive makes available on DVD evokes great thoughts of the franchise reviving television series "Star Trek: The Next Generation" that extend beyond Flynn's Captain Denny Roark being a bold and daring second-in-command military officer facing very choices in a hostile frontier environment. In this case, Roark is a British officer in the Saraha who contends with incredibly restless natives.

Roark is very much Riker to the Picard in the form of base commander Colonel John Wister, wonderfully played by veteran character actor Ian Hunter. TNG fans will revel in the professional relationship and friendship that these men share and will especially enjoy the very Picard-Riker style debates regarding which of them will rush off to face danger.

The following clip, courtesy of YouTube, of the theatrical trailer for "Dawn" is wonderful both as a perfect example of the style of the promos of that era and in conveying the romantic (if not adventure-related) aspects of the film.

While Roark and Wister provide the adventure, the romance-related drama relates to Wister returning from a leave with a doubtful new bride in tow. Julia Ashton Wister embarks on this new adventure in the manner of a good military wife within a few senses of that word.

Fans of classic '30s dramas can predict both that Julia and Denny fall in love but (possibly futilely) resist those feelings out of sense of duty and affection toward John. Of course, events in the film places great strains on those resolves.

Another thing that distinguishes "Dawn" from the fine company of '30s films of which it is a member is the nobility by all involved in the final moments of this compelling story. Both Roark and Wister demonstrate the attributes that make them great officers and even better men. One could only hope that either of them would be around if one found oneself in a literal or figurative foxhole.

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