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Monday, November 21, 2016

'redvsblue' S14 BD SE: Enough Variation, Lore, and Fourth Wall Busting to Make Fanboys Expel Every Bodily Fluid

The gamers at wonderful weird animation studio Rooster Teeth go all out (and keep things fresh) for the Blu-ray/DVD combo Special Edition (complete with collectible cards and an awesomely juvenile activity book full of games) of Season 14 of redvsblue. Your favorite gamer and/or anime freak is figuratively  (hopefully not literally) sure to soil (and ooze other bodily fluids) himself or herself on finding this under the tree roughly a month from now.

It is equally awesome that our boys from the brooder make S14 understandably to even "rvb" universe virgins.

The first variation from the (Unreal TV reviewed) Chorus Trilogy that S11-13 comprise is that S14 episodes are stand-alone, rather than serialized except for a couple of notable trilogies. Further, the best brains who awesomely keep up with the (Michael and Lindsay) Joneses use a wide variety of animation styles to depict the adventures of the space Marines, who actually are Halo characters brought to life through the voices and gaming of the Teeth crew.

The awesomely cynical narration that introduces each offering sets the stage for an early episode that brings a few fan favorites back to boot camp days. This one seems true to the typical CGI-style video game look of the series. Awesome elements include foreshadowing of one relationship and the general dick moves of these boys in shades of red and blue.

Another favorite involves a commandeering of an AI spaceship that has the same comprehension difficulty of Siri. This one further mines good humor from the spectacular DCU "Green Lantern" series and has other awesome humor that is too special to spoil.

The awesomeness keeps rolling with our favorite "idiot" fighting men commenting on their alternative animation styles. Examples of this include several comments about things seeming low-res and boxy in an episode that looks like a Road Runner cartoon and terrific puns in a dark notable parody of "The Lego Movie." As an aside, one of the numerous special features focuses on the making of the Lego episode.

We further see the mercenaries in a fall-on-the-floor-funny vibrant sharp-angled noir-style adventure, an equally hilarious "shades of gray" offering, and a must-see season finale that literally bursts through the fourth wall.

The cocky boys at Teeth further outdo themselves regarding the fan favorite faux movie trailers, lore recap and reveals, and everything else (including a shout-out to the Unreal TV reviewed "Lazer Team" film) that makes rvb so awesomely unique. Not mentioning the other members of the roughly 20 shorts is not meant to slight them; you simply cannot expect your not-so-humble reviewer to do all the work for you "rvb" plugged energy drink swilling sloths.

The aforementioned special features begin with a nearly 40-minute documentary on the origin and the making-of S14. It aptly ends with a look at making the aforementioned truly gotta watch season-finale ep.

Anyone with questions or comments regarding "rvb" S14 is strongly encouraged to email me; you can also reach out on Twitter via @tvdvdguy.