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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

'Lazer Team' DVD: 'Community' Meets RvB

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[EDITOR'S NOTE: Unreal TV will run an interview with angry young man/ Rooster Teeth god/"Lazer Team" star Michael Jones the first week of August 2016.]

The August 2, 2016 Anchor Bay Entertainment DVD release of the Rooster Teeth Productions (i.e., the guys behind the legendary long-running (and Unreal TV reviewed) web series "Red v. Blue" RvB) nicely compensates for the absence of summer comedies that rely on good goofy humor. This coming from the same guys who build RvB around adding animation and teen boy humor to footage from military-style video games is not surprising. One can only help that the cocky boys of Rooster follow up this inaugural effort at a feature-length film with similar fare.

The following YouTube clip of "Team" does a good job presenting the premise of the film and sharing some highlights. Omitted great bits include one of the dorks hilariously adopting a British accent and the aforementioned angry Jersey boy in full swagger.

The titular team is a group of small Texas town losers whose knuckleheaded antics inadvertently get them possession of alien tech. that humans need to fight off big bads from outer space. This group (played by Teeth principals) consists of comically inept and proportionately disrespected Deputy Hagen (Burnie Burns) , uber-arrogant high school QB Zach (Michael Jones), badly aging former high school football star (and Hagen teammate) Herman (Colton Dunn), and geeky high school waterboy Woody (Gavin Free). Woody being a fairly close clone of "special" soldier Caboose of RvB is one of nearly countless ways that "Team" seems like an awesome-live action version of that completely CGI series.

The RvB vibe continues with several video-game style battles that come complete with bickering and wisecracks among the team. This is not to mention the numerous online elements in this film in which YouTube plays a major role.

The primary earth-based foe of this group is super-soldier Adam, whom the Army has been training for this mission since his early childhood. His resentment extends beyond having the team hi-jack his literally one goal in life to having them represent everything that he despises.

The core group consisting of losers of varying ages spouting pop culture references and regularly reminding each other of their failures evokes thoughts of the awesome mid-2000s Must-See NBC sitcom "Community." They even have a black guy as the former high school football hero.

The Teeth style really shows through regarding the nature of the alien gear, which is based on the powers of the Greek gods. Boots give the wearer super speed, a helmet bestows extraordinary intelligence, a shield repels anything literally thrown at it, and an arm band shots lasers.

The net (pun intended) result of all this is just over 90 minutes of teen boy-oriented fun that is clever and goofy enough to also appeal to the rest of us.

The special features include deleted and extended scenes, blooper, and a breakdown of the effects in the film.

Anyone with questions or comments regarding "Team" is encouraged to email me; you can also connect on Twitter via @tvdvdguy.