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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

'Buffering' DVD: Broke Back to the Walls Boys Seb and Aaron Make Several Pornos


Recently discovering the "lost treasure" of the 2011 British comedy "Buffering" is behind finding the still widely-available tla releasing DVD of this amusing look of a gay couple who turn porn stars to keep a roof over their heads and awesomely form-fitting underwear over their naughty bits.

"Buffering" nicely opens with happily unmarried couple Seb and Aaron in bed with a claim of work duties providing a reason for delaying pleasure until that evening. A cute scene of these nice young men getting ready for work follows.

Things get racier and more interesting when Aaron comes home for what turns out to be a regular "frappuccino" break only to have Seb find him both red-handed and with his pants down. This leads to mutual confessions in the form of Aaron admitting to losing his office job and Seb sharing that the same economic downturn behind that unemployment is the primary factor regarding his going from a full-time to a part-time masseur.

Another memorable early scene has Seb washing an outside window to the same rhythm that shirtless hunky "progressive" boomerang kid next door Mitch is using a bicycle pump. The climax to this segment is equally hilarious and impressive.

Aaron receiving notice of a pending foreclosure of the mortgage on his dream semi-detached starter home leads to drastic action in the form of covertly filming his sexual encounters with Seb and posting them on the web for more profit than fun.

A reluctant Seb voluntarily gets into the act on discovering the scheme and realizing that no other viable options exist. This subsequently leads to entertainingly erotic performances and moderate financial success.

A need to increase the demand for their shows leads the boys in the buff deciding to stage a highly hyped threesome. This effort also involves a web-based ad for candidates to fill that role. The hilarious video responses include a dreamy boy who is seeking (what he asserts is) a first-time homosexual experience and a very cute S&M freak.

The impending probability of strangers in a train creates a rift that threatens to derail the entire operation. Suffice it to say that everything works out in the end in a climax that truly is 90-minutes in the making on a few levels.

Additionally, the highly entertaining segment during the end credits provides true closure to the film.

The blend of elements described above distinguish "Buffering" from most of the gay-themed films out there in 2011 and 2016 that explores the same themes as this film. It neither is a NC-17 sex romp nor art-house style in-depth exploration of a relationship. It simply is sweet and funny story of a committed in-love couple who accept the embarrassment that not losing the life that they have built requires.

The only disappointment regarding "Buffering" is that the back cover states that the extras include a short film with the intriguing title "F**ked." It does not seem that the tla version includes that movie,

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