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Saturday, July 16, 2016

'Model Hunger' DVD: Horror/Comedy to Die For

  • Model Hunger
Wild Eye Releasing provides an especially savory treat regarding the recent DVD review of the equal parts horror and comedy film "Model Hunger." This take on the toll of going from "It" Girl to "Sh*t" Girl in the modeling world takes the classic sickness of "Misery" to a whole new level.

"Hunger" is notable as well as the directorial debut of legendary horror actress Debbie Rochon; the expert toying with potential victims and the reverse boob job are two of many examples that Rochon has been paying attention while making more than 300 films. The scads o' accolades for this inaugural outing include the Audience Choice Award at the Macarbe Faire Film Festival and the Best Feature Film Award at FANtastic Horror Film Festival in San Diego.

Wild Eye aptly describes this tale of deranged titular former cover girl Ginny as "an unsettling, dark-humored critique of the entertainment business." Now living in an otherwise quiet residential neighborhood, Ginny gleefully plays judge, jury, and executioner to the accompaniment of her own warped thoughts.

The first Hansel and Gretel to visit the abode of the witch are two cheerleaders who are being coerced into participating in a door-to-door fundraising effort. The fatal mistake of these two broke girls is accepting an invitation for a cup of tea and a viewing of an awesomely perverse television program featuring a John Waters style trashy obese drag queen.

Ginny also takes it on herself to save a naive young woman who is hitchhiking to New York to pursue her dream of stardom. This time, it is very personal. 

New neighbor Debbie, who arrives with plenty of baggage, quickly assumes a Gladys Kravitz role on moving into the 'hood with husband Sal. Debbie knows that Ginny is engaged in nefarious doings but cannot get Sal or anyone else to take her seriously even after the search for the missing cheerleaders focuses on the street. 

The Debbie/Sal angle further sets the stage for a memorable moment in "Hunger." Suffice it to say that Debbie makes Sal eat his words when she brings the new couple a special treat.

"Hunger" itself is memorable for adequately keeping the gore in check and making Ginny so out there to appeal audience members who come more for the edgy dark humor while still having enough inventive torture and bloodletting to bring purists to the party.

The plethora of extras include a hard-corish music video, a short featuring the model persona of Debbie, and deleted scenes.

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