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Thursday, November 3, 2016

'The Id' BD: Psychological Thriller About Mother of All Daddy Issues

Hutson Ranch Media and Panic Ventures proves regarding the October 25, 2016 Blu-ray of the 2015 psychological thriller that horror does not require blood, gore or intense mayhem. It just needs a terrorized character or two. The recognition for this more evolved approach includes "Id" winning the Best Thriller Award at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival.

The damsel in distress this time is middle-aged spinster Meredith (nicely played by Amanda Wyss, best know as Tina in "Nightmare on Elem Street"). She has spent roughly 20 years pathetically lonely years as the sole caretaker of her alcoholic abusive father who rounds out a trifecta by having Alzheimer's disease.

Anyone who has cared for a "difficult" elderly parent can relate to Meredith stoically listening to the vile rants of her father as she bathes his disgusting body only to have this abuse continue as he complains about the meals that she prepares for him.

A catalyst in the form of a telephone call from a former boyfriend/high school stud pushes Meredith over the edge both in terms of considering what might have been and fully realizing how despicable her father is and that she is forever trapped.

Meredith snapping leads her to enter voluntary orphanhood only to have her guilt bring her even closer to full-blown insanity before Prince Charming comes calling with a large surprise of his own. This leads to a reunion that is equal parts pathetic, awkward, and amusing.

The tension mounts as both the cops and a nosey "do-gooder" come snooping, The ensuing search has a tenuous connection to the climatic scene in "Psycho." This is on top of the larger common element of a domineering parent both breaking an excitable boy (or girl) and continuing to haunt him (or her) from the movable grave. These scenes further prove the extent to which Meredith has become delusional.

The final analysis regarding this study of a not-so-atypical father-daughter relationship is that it entertains in a relatable (pun intended) manner.

The BD extras included behind-the-scene features, deleted and alternative scenes, and footage of auditions.

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