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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

'Anonymous' Theatrical: Online Vigilantes Righteously Hack

The aptly named Canadian cyber-thriller "Anonymous," which hits theaters on December 2 2016, is a truly timely fable in an era in which hackers with an agenda have the power to impact the presidential elections and give bad guys their due. At the outset, it is hoped that nothing here offends the real "Darkweb" Justice League known as Anonymous.

Our "hero" is Alex Danyliuk, who has a very tough transition regarding his parents immigrating to Canada from Ukraine during his boyhood. This unhappiness leads to a life of (initially petty) cybercrime. 

Rising star/GQ Man of the Year Callan McAuiliffe, whose numerous credits include the recent "Gatsby" remake and Spielberg scfi flick "I Am Number Four," does a good job portraying the despair, the joy, and the fear that Alex experiences. 

A "too big to fail" Canadian bank dealing the Danyliuks a simultaneous double blow simultaneously triggers a need for big bucks and a thirst for vengeance in Alex. This high school senior graduating to serious credit fraud satisfies both aforementioned urges.

Alex soon moving to the big city is symbolic regarding leaving the nest and moving up to the big time as to his new mission in life. This soon leads to Alex meeting fellow young party animal Sye, who plays Fagin to Alex's Sye. This pair soon connecting with tough, pretty, and smart Kira, who has a Yoko impact on the band.

Some of the best scenes has these Millennials pulling their cons and squabbling among themselves. These elements are particularly strong regarding an effort to sell a literal truckload of ill-gotten gains. This all works both due to the talent of the young cast and the relatability of their characters.

A wonderful sense of justice comes in the form of an arrogant master of the universe getting his due when our gang gets hold of his credit card. The moral here is that even lap dancers deserve decent treatment.

The trio incrementally stepping up their game, which mostly is directed at men (such as the aforementioned jerk) whose own acts earn them the label of "rich asshole," extends beyond allowing Alex and his crew to increase their standard of living. They want the respect of the Darkweb and of Z, who is the mysterious leader of that group. 

As is typical in this type of film. Alex reaches an unsustainable height. He largely achieves his dreams only to discover his commission of the common mistake of trusting the wrong people.The drama related to this involves the extent to which he can extricate himself.

The "reveal" regarding this believable story is that it is true. A statement by director Akan Satayev in the press materials for "Anonymous" includes the tale of a hacker approaching him to pitch his history as the basis of the film. This shows that you sometimes can believe what you see on the silver screen.

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