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Friday, November 25, 2016

'Tales of Poe' DVD: Scream Queens Go Neo Old School

Art-house horror aficionados Wild Eye Releasing expertly merge old school and new school regarding the October 11, 2016 DVD release of the 2014 thriller "Tales of Poe." This trio of stories features scream queens in modern retellings of the classic works of Edgar Allan Poe.

Unreal TV favorite goddess of gore Debbie Rochon kicks things off as a psychotic nurse, who is the caretaker of an aged movie star/murder victim, in a new version of "The Telltale Heart." True to Poe, the guilty feelings of "Nightingale" prompt hearing the beating of the heart of the Crawford clone through the floor boards under which Rochon buried her. The breaking point of this angel of unmerciful death is Rochon at her best.

The best scenes in "Heart" revolve around the confinement of Rochon in a psychiatric hospital. Watching her outcrazy a fellow patient who threatens her in a manner that is equally hilarious and grotesque is must-see.

The second tale titled "The Cask" involves the classic element of sealing someone alive in a wall. In this case a count/vineyard owner is newly married to "The Bride of Dracula" when she taunts him with her lover and poisons him before shackling him to a ceiling and encasing him behind a brick wall. The semi-spoiler regarding this one is that the ending provides particularly Poe-tic justice.

This homage wraps up with "Dreams," which centers around highly stylized surreal images that range from the sublime to the horrific. In other words, the same type of nocturnal pictures that everyone experiences during our slumbers.

Aside from being great campy fun, the common element of these three shorts is that they illustrate the timeless nature of the titular stories. Feelings of guilt and manifestations from the darkest corners of our psyche are as prevalent today as they were in the 19th century.

The numerous bonus features include a hilarious and entertaining "behind-the-scenes" short, deleted scenes that include "Nightingale" reacting to the faded star reading a decades-old fan letter, and interview with director Bart Mastronardi.

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