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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

'redvsblue: The Chorus Trilogy' Steelbook BD Return of the Mercearies

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Unreal TV recently ran a post on a telephone interview with RvB principal Michael Jones regarding the Rooster Teeth film "Lazer Team."]

As the second of three posts on the recently released Rooster Teeth steelbook Blu-ray release of "redvsblue (a.k.a rvb): The Chorus Trilogy" (a.k.a S11-13) states, these musings regarding S13 of this long-running (and still going strong) web series wraps up coverage of this set. Part One shares the good news that even virgins to this show that gives voice to video game soldiers can follow "Chorus." This inaugural outing also provides an overview of the lore of this hilarious show.

Like any good trilogy, the final installment in this tale of the titular groups of freelance warriors both makes the battles more epic and delivers reveals and ambiguous demises of characters. Regarding the latter, the cocky boys at Rooster have a history of following the scifi principle that death often is not final.

The missions of our boys in blue (and red) regarding their S13 three-hour tour-of-duty adventure on the titular desolate planet include competing with the agents of the evil force behind a civil war to acquire spectacular alien tech. and avoid a related destruction of Chorus. They also seek to reveal the true force behind that hostility and to send out a message that will facilitate their return to the earth of "the distant future" in which they reside.

The S13 highlights include unlocking the initial key to obtaining the aforementioned super weaponry and (not surprisingly but still amusingly) finding that dim-witted blue soldier Caboose is integral to this. The identity of the guardian of the treasures alone makes this story line must-see.

Another scene in which the big bads acquire a particularly covet weapon of mass destruction only to get a hilarious surprise (which refers back to another great scene) arguably is the best of the entire trilogy.

As always, plenty of mayhem and wonderfully childish crude humor accompanies the entertainingly graphic violence of the battles. The clear highlight this time centers around efforts (including consideration of the "trapped in a small space" sitcom cliche) to get two long-time enemies to work together for the greater good. This ultimately leads to the most hilarious encounter group ever in which many folks get into the spirit of sharing their feelings.

The psychological elements continue in the form of the "its complicated" relationship of "its complicated" mercenary foes Felix and Locus. The back-and-forth regarding this and epic showdown are pure scifi.

The Teeth boys do equally well regarding the manner in which they wrap up the trilogy. The ending would have satisfied and served as a great series ender even if the completed S14 had never materialized.

The always special extras include "Evolution of an Episode," which shows how the sausage is made. These features also include a short on the aforementioned mercenaries and a handful of the PSAs that are always so much fun. The line "I saw my sister naked! Again!" in in one of these public service announcements provides a great sense of these productions and rvb as a whole.

Anyone with questions or comments regarding "Chorus" specifically or "rvb" generally is strongly encouraged to either e-mail me or to connect on Twitter via @tvdvdguy.