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Saturday, August 13, 2016

'Hell Town' DVD: Beverly Hells 666

Gravitas Ventures awesomely goes full-out old school regarding the August 23, 2016 iTunes/VOD premiere of the scream goddess Debbie Rochon hosted gay-friendly horror-comedy "Hell Town." The theme of "Hell" is that Rochon plays herself as the Elviraesque host of an anthology television series. This show provides the format for the three "lost" episodes of the titular campy horror series.

"Town" is a primetime soap centered around the wealthy Manly and Gable families. Middle brother/hunky high school stud Blaze is the most manly of the trio of boys in the former clan. Older brother/rebel Butch is recently home following an unfortunate incarceration. "Baby" Jesse is a highly troubled closet case with a history of messing around with out (but not particularly proud) Bobby Gable.

The girls of green with envy Gable are butch goth BJ, pretty and popular teen slut Trish, and uber-bitch "Heather" Chanel, who seemingly works at every teen-oriented store in the community, Chantal locking BJ in the car trunk is one of many highlights in this dark and gory comedy.

Much of the wonderful "Heathers" style "90210" humor (including having actors in their 20s play high schoolers) relates to the hilarious teen drama and the associated antics of the Letter Jacket Killer, who selects victims among the many sexual partners of Trish. One slaying is especially glorious.

Meanwhile, the Manly matriarch is in a long-term coma, Mr. Gable is having his kids compete for their inheritance, and love of the requited and unrequited varieties abounds among the "kids."

Every plot is nicely tied up in the end in a climax (no pun intended) that will have you hoping for "Town" 2 from goth tease Rochon.

The entertainment value that horror film veteran Rochon contributes extends well beyond channeling the aforementioned basic cable horror film hostess. The "commercial" between the first and second episodes of the show-within-a-show is the trailer for the awesome dark humored (and Unreal TV reviewed) Rochon film "Model Hunger." A hilarious faux ad for a Rochon product provides the laughs between the second and third episodes of the exploits of the Manly and Gable adolescents.

The aforementioned vintage vibe of all this makes "Town" a great choice for an evening of pleasure regarding which you need not feel any guilt. You can never go wrong with dueling shirtless hunks, slutty and/or bitchy teen girls, perverse killings, and awesome torture that utilizes baked goods.

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