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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

'East Jerusalem West Jerusalem' DVD: Doc on Hanukkah of Recording Sessions

  • East Jerusalem West Jerusalem
As the Unreal TV review of the recent DVD release of the documentary "The Greatest Ears in Town: the Arif Mardin Story" story notes, uber-fantabulous New York-based foreign indie film distributor Film Movement is making the Summer of 2016 a celebration of the arts. The June 2016 Movement release of  the 2014 documentary "East Jerusalem West Jerusalem" is true to both this series and to the Movement history of bringing thought-provoking foreign fare to American couch potatoes.

"Jerusalem" tells the story of Jewish musician West End boy David Broza crossing over to East Jerusalem for an eight-day recording session with Palestinian musicians to create figurative and literal peace, love, and understanding. One cool spoiler is that the enthusiasm of the Palestinians for the project equals that of Broza.

As an aside, your not-humble reviewer views the conflict in Israel as a Tom and Jerry cartoon in which both sides will pummel each other until the end of time and never resolve their "troubles."

The effort of Broza also encompasses American musician Steve Earle, who "buys" his way into the project with a very apt song. Earle also steals a scene in which he discusses a wacky misunderstanding with airport security.

Another memorable scene has a young and hip Palestinian musician provide a tour of his childhood home in a refugee camp and discuss the impact of his not previously not knowing any Jewish people. Hearing his peers echo his desire for peace provides hope for some improvement regarding this whole mess.

One spoiler is that both sides literally and figuratively make beautiful music together. The problem is that these guys do not literally or figuratively call the shots in this neverending cat-on-mouse violence.

The bonus deleted scenes include additional performances by Broza and Earle.

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