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Monday, August 29, 2016

'Henry and Me' VOD Animated 'Field of Dreams' for Yankees Fans

Reveal Animation awesomely channels '90s-era basic cable cartoons regarding the recently out on VOD ahead of a World Series-coordinated October DVD release 2014 animated movie "Henry & Me." The charming fable tells the tale of titular "me" All-American tween with cancer/die-hard Yankees fan going on a figuratively and literally fantastic journey during an operation. The titular Henry, voiced by Richard Gere, is a fellow Yankees fanatic who transports the lad throughout time to meet his pinstripe heroes. The inclusion of despised former Yankees owner George Steinbrenner is the most puzzling aspect of this fairy tale.

The following YouTube clip of the "Henry" trailer provides a good look at both the sense and the sensibility of the film.

The aforementioned retro vibe relates to the very vivid mid-quality computer graphics and "message" aspect of the film. The inclusion of many other cool voices, including Cyndi Lauper as a sassy but sweet nurse, further reflects this era in which "The Simpsons" first makes voicing characters cool for big stars.

The Yankees (and voice stars) that Jack meets when he is whisked from the operating table to fulfill his wildest dreams and to learn that he can do so much more than he thinks that he is able so long as he tries includes Babe Ruth (Chazz Palminteri), Thurmon Munson (Paul Simon), and Reggie Jackson (Reggie Jackson). Classic TV fans get the treat of Lucie Arnaz as the voice of Jack's mother,. 

The tremendous charm of the film relates to Jack being a typically cynical 21st century kid who is skeptical regarding the bill of goods that the magical Henry is selling. Seeing his awe when proven wrong is great fun, and watching Henry rapidly try out looks from many eras on our hero is hilarious. The true spirit and dedication of both the players and their fans is equally entertaining.

Although quite hokey, "Henry" pulls this off in the same manner that makes Hallmark Channel films entertaining. There is plenty of heart but not so much sweetness that it triggers a coronary event. Saying that it is a true family film with incredibly broad appeal is not an understatement.

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