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Monday, January 27, 2014

Correction to 'Life's an Itch' Review

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A nice email from Kevin Kent during the weekend points out an error in last week's review of the film "Life's An Itch." It is unfortunate when these (thankfully very rare) errors occur.

This error relates to mistakenly attributing a supporting role to '90s sitcom "Dave's World" and long-running daytime sudser "General Hospital" DeLane Matthews to a similarly named role played by the arguably similarly looking actor Lin Shaye. Shaye's role of the wacky neighbor being one that is well suited for Matthews and not having seen Matthews in a role since the days of "Dave" are factors.

An interesting "cosmic" aside related to this goof is that the email exchange with Kent included mentioning that the seemingly discontinued DVD sets of "Dave's" are priced a little high; an apology for the error and a promise to run this correction today seemingly triggered grabbing the last copy of the first season of "Dave's" for $9.96 before it soon rose back above. It is nice when Karma is not a bitch.

Returning to the topic at hand, the email that Kent wrote states the nature of the goof very well and provides the bonus of interesting insight into the film. Consequently, your embarrassed reviewer is now turning the wheel over to him.

It was Lin Shaye (From "There's something about Mary")  that plays "Gloria" the nutty and unflappable neighbor. Lin is an incredible actor and came on the movie at the last second when Lupe Ontiveros first became ill, (Lupe passed away later that year)   So the stellar part was Lin agreed to come on at the last second, then I had to write  all new dialog for her, because she would not walk a little white dog. (My "Zoe" the little Shitpoo)  Lin said she was already famous for walking a little dog in "There's Something About Mary", it was Lin's suggestion that she walk a "fish"  I ran with it and started writing at about 10PM for the 7AM Call time. Lin Shaye was amazing on set, an American treasure and a joy to work with.

DeLane Matthews, who played the pot eating, crazy yoga aunt of real yogini "Marilyn" played by fantastic real life yogi and model, Jesse Golden.  DeLane is one of the actors that I really didn't put in as many oddball circumstances like I should of. There were some improvised dialogs of DeLane and Lin vamping at the bar that unfortunately didn't make it in the final cut for time reasons.  But both women are gems, American treasures.

This correction will end on this awesome note.