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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

'RWBY' BD Steelbook Rooster Teeth Harry Potter Style Tween Girl Anime

The Rooster Teeth  three-volume steelbook Blu-ray set of "RWBY" is an entertainingly apt follow-up to the (Unreal TV reviewed) Teeth three-season Blu-ray steelbook Blu-ray set of 'Red v. Blue: The Chorus Trilogy." Both series, which awesomely can be watched in an uninterrupted movie format, show that the animation from the Teeth nerds is as stylized as it is creative. These qualities make both sets perfect for the enhanced picture and sound associated with Blu-ray. The starry nights in "RWBY" could not be any clearer if you were there.

The following thoughts regarding the plot of "RWBY" V1-3 come a few weeks before the October 22, 2016 premiere of V4 episodes.

Teeth principal (and wife of Unreal TV reviewed Anchor Bay film "Lazer Tag" star Michael Jones) Lindsay Jones provides the voice of titular "RWBY" heroine Ruby Rose. Ruby is a spunky teen girl who is apt to viciously kick ass one minute and pet a puppy while smelling a rose and eating ice cream the next.

Ruby calls Remnant her home; we meet her using her super-speed and her personally designed sniper-scythe to thwart a gang of evildoers led by very "Clockwork Orange" like Roman Torchwick from stealing a large quantity of the valued commodity dust. This substance plays a large role in humans retaining their superior position of their once (and future?) non-human oppressors.

The arrival of a huntress, who (along with other huntresses and hunters) protects the general populace from the numerous vicious and highly carnivorous creatures on their world, during the battle is significant in many ways. This encounter leads to child prodigy Ruby enrolling in the prestigious Hogwarts-like Beacon Academy, which trains hunters and huntresses, two years before the traditional age for admission.

A cool aspect of Beacon is that it is like any other high school in that it has every teen stereotype known to man and humanoid. Giving the boys some love, these everyteens include not-so-agile emo boy with a huge secret (no, not that one) Juane Arc (voiced by Teeth principal Miles Luna) and arrogant jock bully Cardin Winchester. The manner in which these two boys figuratively kiss and make up is the stuff of tween fiction everywhere. We further get to see one of them totally rock a strapless formal dress.

For her part, one of the girls at school has a secret of her own regarding both her ancestry and her prior activities. Another chick with a large secret is a genuine small wonder.

Other team drama includes angst regarding who is asking whom to an upcoming dance; stress related to otherwise extraordinary abilities not including an ability to rythmically move to music, and a dreamy surfer boy and elitish lad stirring up assorted emotions. in other words, typical concerns at every high school.

An early Beacon assignment sends the kids on a quest that is designed both to test their skills and to determine the configuration of their teams. Ruby is among those whose demonstrated abilities earn her a team leader position; thus leading to forming titular Team RWBY. The manner in which she highly annoys her crew, including older sister Yang and rich girl with something to prove Weiss, is one aspect of the element of the chosen ones.

Other drama comes in the form of teams traveling to Beacon to participate in a tournament, visitors with a less noble purpose showing up to pull a large dust robbery, and a controversial peacekeeping force. All this introduces more kids with issues, increasingly daunting challenges, and the role of the military in a time of tense peace.

Highly amusing events early in V1 lead to Team RWBY achieving their goal of what effectively is an internship as a cover to pursue the investigation that they begin in V1. It is equally amusing that the leader to whom they are assigned is far less dynamic than hoped for.

The girls do get their desired encounter with Roman Torchwick and his unlikely army. This leads to a quasi-steampunk adventure on what effectively is a runaway train. This in turn pits our heroines and their allies against a pack of the vicious creatures known as grimm. The aftermath of this battle closes out V2.

The "Harry Potter" vibe really amps in V3. Although the holding of the aforementioned tournament evokes thoughts of a somewhat kinder and gentler "Hunger Games," much of the focus is on the tactics and destiny of Ruby and her peers. This includes learning that a old folk tale is true and that the Beacon faculty has a deeper purpose than training the next generation of hunters and huntresses.

Relatives who come calling include Uncle Crow, who is the first trainer of Ruby and has a history (and a present) with several principals (no pun intended). We also meet Winter, who is the bossy older sister of Weiss.

Reveals near the end of V3 include that Ruby is even more special than believed and that the big bad of V4 (and beyond?) is someone believed to not be a foe.

The best way to wrap up this not-so-grand review of this epic series is to state that the Americanized anime, copious humor, and clever plotting make "RWBY" a good choice for anyone into adolescent saga and/or good old teen drama.

The extras include insightful behind-the-scenes features but alas lack the hilarious PSAs of "RvB."

Anyone with questions or comments regarding "RWBY" is encouraged either to email me or to connect on Twitter via @tvdvdguy.