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Thursday, June 30, 2016

'Buddymoon' Theatrical/On Demand 'Grimm' Star Amusing Version of 'The Trip'

The new Gravitas Ventures comedy "Buddymoon" from writer/star David Giuntoli of the NBC supernatural drama "Grimm" highlights the awesome ability of a truly art house film to be marketable. It hits theaters and VOD services on July 1, 2016.

The festival circuit accolades for "Buddymoon" include a coveted "Best Narrative Feature" award at the Slamdance Film Festival.

The following YouTube clip of the SPOILER-LADEN trailer for "Buddymoon" demonstrates the beautiful scenery and the beautiful friendship that awaits the viewer.

Celebrating the Fourth of July by honoring the American tradition of doing things in a half-assed manner is behind cutting and pasting the following well-written (if grammatically flawed) IMDb synopsis of "Buddymoon." "When a former child actor is dumped by his fiancee days before the wedding, his excitable German best man takes him on the honeymoon instead; a backcountry trek in the remote mountains of Oregon."

Folks to whom this plot seems familiar are correct but still will greatly enjoy "Buddymoon" in the same manner that "I Dream of Jeannie" and "Bewitched" each are delightful. The (grammatically flawed)  IMDb synopsis for the 2010 art-house film "The Trip" describes that movie in the following manner. "Steve Coogan has been asked by The Observer to tour the country's finest restaurants, but after his girlfriend backs out on him he must take his best friend and source of eternal frustration, Rob Brydon."

The "Grimm" connection extends beyond the involvement of Giuntoli. Co-star Claire Coffee plays the aforementioned bethrothed. The final confession for this post is that being lapped is behind converting "Grimm" to a pure DVD show after the second season and not yet getting those sets. (I'm in the book, David.) Any outdated "Grimm" references are attributable to that lag.

As stated above, the thespian whom Guintoli plays is named David and is best known for his role in an '80s sitcom that one can only hope that Guintoli and co-writer/co-star Flula Borg (regarding whom resistance truly is futile) bring to life. David auditioning for a lead in a biopic of the Lewis and Clark expedition both sets the stage (no pun intended) for narration of the subsequent hike through Lewis and Clark country and for hilarious '90s Superman series  "Lois and Clark" riffs by Flula the scene-stealing German DJ whom Flula plays. It is very clear that Flula is the Monroe to Guintoli's Nick on "Grimm."

Flula trying hard to literally bring sunshine into the life of a effectively left-at-the-altar David leads to that excitable boy convincing David to have the two of them take the titular journey. Highlights of that trek of our stars include a series of hilarious juvenile pranks that are too awesome to spoil, an encounter with a hiking group that includes a hot chick and a folksy dude who sings the catchy theme song of the aforementioned sitcom, and a psychedelic trip (that does involve fur) within a trip.

Other good humor relates to two straight guys taking what originally is intended to be a honeymoon. Sharing that David tells Flula that they do not need the condoms in a care package is not much of a spoiler, sharing how those items play a part in a prank would be.

On a larger level, Guintoli demonstrates the awesomeness of a straight man letting a co-star with better comedic chops grab all the attention. Watching a grounded (pun intended) David walk a straight line while Flula bounds around like a Labrador puppy capable of spouting constant nonsense is hilarious. An equally good scene has the pair hiking separately but not so far apart following an argument.

Relatable substance in the film centers around the extent to which most of us rely on our Smart Phones for so much more than oral conversations. This dependency screams for spending a week off the grid.

The best way to end this journey is to share that Guintoli and Borg keep the pace (pun intended) going right through the end and complete their journey (and ours) on an apt note.

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