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Monday, June 6, 2016

'Mr. Right' BD/DVD: This Killer Comedy Ain't No Katerine Heigl Chick Flick

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The June 7, 2016 Universal Pictures Home Entertainment DVD and Blu-ray releases of the recent Sam Rockwell/Anna Kendrick neo romcom wonderfully shoves every Katherine Heigl cliche firmly in the dirt. Blood and guts replace the gay best friend, montage set to a Motown hit, and tedious back-and-forth culminating in a grand final scene gesture set to a golden oldie. The equally conspicuous absence of a Stephanie Zimbalist type as someone's mother is a terrific bonus.

The following SPOILER-LADEN trailer for "Right" awesomely highly the dark humor and textbook offbeat vibe of the film.

The opening scenes include Kendrick's Martha getting the rudest of all possible awakenings followed by the crudest of all propositions. For his part Rockwell's titular hit man with a soul Francis gleefully is going about his personal crusade.

As an aside, naming the highly psychotic leading man Francis is an awesome  inadvertent nod to the neo superhero flick "Deadpool," starring traditional romcom (and sitcom) survivor Ryan Reynolds. For that matter, Sam Rockwell is a classic "The Flintstones" name.

The initial meeting of our leads does not lead to stereotypical love at first sight but goes well enough to lead to further interaction. Francis bringing his work home with him leads to an early (and very violent) declaration of his love for Martha.

For her part, Martha understandably hesitates risking getting figuratively burned again even before realizing that associating with Francis runs the risk of literally feeling intense heat.

Martha witnessing Francis ply his trade provides her second rude awakening of the film and requires soul searching regarding whether a suitor being a professional killer is a deal breaker. After all, finding Mr. Right is very challenging.

The ensuing edgy wacky circumstances result in quirky and spacey Martha increasingly getting involved in the activities in which Francis engages. This all climaxes in a final showdown that prompts the couple to fully examine both their relationship and themselves.

Like many good films, "Right" prompts viewers to think. The introspection this time relates to the extent to which negative aspects of a potential life partner should justify calling it quits. This theme makes the DVD and Blu-ray releases of the film coming out a few weeks after a New York  Times titled "Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person" very timely. This dystopian article explains how happily ever after only exists in fairy tales (and Heigl chick flicks.)

The DVD and Blu-ray Bonus Feature is an extra titled "A Sweet Couple."

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