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Friday, December 11, 2015

Lagunitas Brewing Company Dog-Themed Mason Jars Make Great Christmas Gift

Lagunitas Mason Jar Craft Beer Pint Glass - Pit Bull Dog 420

The inspiration for this Christmas-themed journey into Blogland appropriately stems from a holiday stroll, which generally can be considered Trick-or-Treat for adults. These early-December events consist of boutique-style shops in smaller (often upscale) retail districts enticing shoppers with sweet and/or savory treats and alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic beverages.

The purpose of this diversion from overall objective reviews of DVD and Blu-ray releases of movies and television shows is to share news of the below-described cool glasses , which are available for the low low price of $3 each (plus shipping and handling) from the Lagunitas Brewery Company. These glasses are virtually guaranteed to delight every dog and/or beer lover on your Christmas list.

As mentioned above, the below-described design of the glasses is awesome; the relative uniqueness of them makes owners feel a little special, and he thickness of these vessels helps ensure years of enjoyment.

Checking out the otherwise aforementioned craptacular stroll at which the food trucks parked on the blocked off street were a much larger attraction than the "festivities" in the shop ended with dinner at a local pub-style restaurant. Noticing what was believed to be a Labrador retriever (and turned out to be a very cute pit bull) etched on the Mason jar style glass in which my Diet Coke was served prompted serious thoughts of reverting to a high-school and college-era habit of liberating particularly cool glassware from drinking and/or eating establishments. (On "joking" about this, our waiter smiled and stated an inability to do anything if something disappeared.)

As an aside, "rescued" ashtrays from the Boston Park Plaza Hotel and from Clyde's restaurant in Washington, D.C. are enjoying long second lives as coasters.

An online search for the"doggy" glasses led to discovering that Lagunitas founder Tony Magee is the bad boy of microish breweries. His initial claim to fame is the yeast from his beer destroying the septic system of the Marin County community regarding which the brewery is the namesake. The translation is "Little Lake."

Additional reports related to this once producer of a "420" beer tell tales of weekly employee parties that often included smoking marijuana. There are no reports of Magee making a related bid for the Hostess snack food company during the bankruptcy period of that company.

It is hoped that anyone who is high on buying a set of these glasses for themselves or others is pleased with the purchase.

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