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Saturday, December 19, 2015

'Amorous' DVD: Social Study of British Menage a Quatre

AMOROUS DVD & Online Streaming

The December 2015 DVD release of the 2014 British drama "Amorous" is one of the latest examples of New York-based Film Movement choosing provocative international films to distribute over here either as a general title or an addition to the uber-fantubulous Film of the Month Club that Movement operates. The simple premise of this incredibly erotic tale is that young Londoner Charlotte invites her boyfriend Max and fellow couple Charlotte and Jack to form a private free-love commune in the isolated country house that Leah owns.

The deeper layers to this film, which has a strong live-stage vibe, make the original title "Hide and Seek" very apt. Our young social experimenters are hiding from the world and are seeking fulfillment.

The narration in the following YouTube clip of the "Amorous" trailer nicely sums up the philosophy of the community at the center of the film. The accompanying images showcase the beauty and style of the movie.

This story makes "Amorous" a terrifically alternative Christmas story. The fantasy of an more idealized you and three other equally attractive, charming, and creative friends who have no hang ups regarding who hops into bed (or any other available surface) with whom and make it all work at least for the foreseeable future celebrates the spirit of love and community around which Christmas is supposed to center.

The threesome plus one spend their days involved in projects that include literally and figuratively building bridges, their evenings entertaining each other, and their nights involved in every possible combination of sexual activity.

The scope of the aforementioned entertainment includes very personal and emotional reveals, overall chaste fantasy play, and plain ole silly skits. One of the most entertaining skits, which features Jack adorakbly rocking a tiger suit, can be considered Chaplin and Hobbes.

The explicit depictions of the carnal knowledge that the group learns regarding each other includes a clear image of one of the girls watching one of the boys in the midst of an act of self-love or self-abuse depending on your perspective. Surprisingly, neither this nor any of the acts involving one or more persons create awkwardness at least for quite a while.

The arrival of Charlotte ex Simon disrupts the calm of this tranquility forest; his strong resistance to efforts to have him join in the reindeer games tremendously amps up the tension.

Charlotte is an element of additional drama late in the film in terms of a dual declaration of love and of the country retreat having run its course once again figuratively shaking the trees. This announcement effectively gets both the characters and the audience seriously thinking about the long-term viability of two men and two women forming a community that rejects most of the "civilized" boundaries.

The best part of all this is that it is both believable with the right group of people and provides all of us hope for an extended break from the feeling of never being alone, the unnecessary conflict with the majority of the people with whom we interact, and the toxic air that we breath.. This is on top of the bonus of being free to sexually (and sensually) express the love that we feel for those who are most special to us.

Anyone who feels "Amorous" at all is strongly encouraged to email any questions or comments. You can also connect on Twitter via @tvdvdguy.