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Friday, June 5, 2015

'Codename: Kids Next Door Sooper Hugest Missions' DVD: The Kids Are Spytastic

[EDITOR'S NOTE: This Australian-produced DVD is coded for DVD Region 4; it will not play in a standard U.S. DVD player. It will play in a Region-free player, which will be the best roughly $75 that you ever spend.]

A misunderstanding regarding the nature of the Australian-based media company Madman Entertainment DVD release of the 2002-08 Cartoon Network original series "Codename: Kids Next Door" awesomely ties into the lore of that cartoon; namely, adults are stupid.

A "Kids" entry on the Madman site seems to be for a complete series set of that show; determining that that complete series is unavailable in the U.S, made the Madman set an excellent review candidate. Alas, an evil adult plot to create undue anticipation limits the Madman "Kids" offering to the 10-episode "Sooper Hugest Missions: File One" release.

The better news is that the relatively high price and seemingly limited stock of the (presumably discontinued) U.S. release of "Missions" make it likely that the Madman version is less expensive (even with shipping) and more readily available than its U.S. counterpart.

Madman offer the further benefit of providing the terrific description of "Kids" that is reproduced below.
Either you are in, or you are old
Codename Kids Next Door is about the secret Kids Next Door Organization, a worldwide group comprising thousands of kids joined in mutual struggle against adult tyranny. They fight villains that embody specific menaces to children overall; such as Knightbrace (going to the dentist), Count Spankulot (spanking), the Common Cold (self-explanatory), Windsor and the Queen Tie (wearing ties), Mrs. Dirt (taking a bath), and Father/Benedict Uno, (the ultimate figure of authority).

Following a period of training, kids are assigned a secret code and sent to a "sector", that is, a treehouse of gigantic proportions. The KND Organization HQ itself is set on the moon (Moonbase). Kids follow their oath of protecting other kids as well as battling adulthood until the age of 13, when they are "decommissioned": their brains are washed-clean of memories of any past KND activity, upon which they are thence considered teenagers, and a threat to KND! 

Each "Kids" episode is titled Operation __ with the operation name being a clever acronym related to the nature of the task at hand for the five tree-house dwelling operatives around which the show revolves.

Operation I.S.C.R.E.AM. starts out the collection with an adventure in which our heroes hi-jack an ice cream truck in response to an evil plot to deprive the children of the world of ice cream. The hilarious true nature of these nefarious dealings climaxes in a typical "Kids" battle with the foe of the moment.

Operation L.I.C.E. involves evil doppelganger foes the Delightful Children from Down the Lane getting a monstrous parasite into the headquarters of our group. Both the manner of the substance needed to eliminate that threat and the related wonderful puns make this one particularly memorable.

The "Children" are also the focus of the epic two-part "Operation G.R.O.W.U.P." that rounds out the "Missions" set. This one follows the grand tradition of an arch-nemesis dealing a hero a potentially fatal blow.

The series itself is particularly special because it is among the shows that DVD releases provides a second life, Candor requires sharing not liking "Kids" on its debut but loving the DVD episodes. They are witty, fun, and terrifically off-beat.

"Kids" further is a show that youngsters and their oppressive overlords can equally enjoy. Younger viewers will get wrapped up in the action and the fantasy regarding living in an adult-free environment; those of us with secondary sexual characteristics will chuckle at the creative takes on the challenges that real-life kids face.

The DVD extras include an episode of the incredibly cute Unreal TV reviewed Cartoon Network series "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends."

Anyone with questions or comments regarding "Kids" is encouraged to either email me or to connect on Twitter via @tvdvdguy.

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