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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

'Invasion of the Scream Queens' DVD: Masterful Look at Horror Hotties

Product Details
Exceptional camp horror film DVD distributor (and VHS seller) Wild Eye Releasing recently resurrecting the 1992 cult classic documentary "Invasion of the Scream Queens" on DVD is an awesome treat for fans of the bump and grindhouse B horror movies of the '80s and early '90s and the more general population that simply loves that era. This film is based on the book of the same name.

The clearly videotaped, rather than filmed, interviews and practically non-existent budget are perfect choices for this homage to the stars of films that high school and college students jeered during late-night viewings of the syndicated series "Elvira Mistress of the Dark" and that freaked out tween boys, who watched these classics on VHS during "big boy" slumber parties.

These members of horror royalty are likely responsible for 100,000s of parents and guardians washing one or more bodily substance out of Star Wars sleeping bags the day after these gatherings.

Especially entertaining aspects of these cheesy segments include the barely audible voice of an interviewer and one scene in which a ringing telephone is heard in the background of an interview that seems to be occurring in a cubicle. A handful of very rough edits also provide amusement.

Insights include many of these women coming across as surprisingly intelligent and respectable. They may play killer bimbos in movies, but many of them are far from brainless babes. Examples include studying at well-respected acting schools, having reasonable limits regarding on-screen nudity, and coming from upper-middle-class families.

These thespians additional speak of working with genuises, such as B-film king Roger Corman and art house veteran Paul Bartel. 

The plethora of clips from well and lesser-known classics include snippets from "The Hills Have Eyes" and "I Spit on Your Grave." The award for best clip must go to one that shows a hunky hairy-chested big-haired frat boy chained to a wall wearing only a tutu and being taunted by a woman who looks like a Solid Gold dancer.

The DVD extras on this 20th anniversary release include a 2013 interview with "Queens" director (and B-horror film veteran) Donald Farmer and additional footage from scenes in the film. 

All of this amounts to "Queens" being an awesomely nostalgic trip back to the '80s that offers plenty of gore, T & A, and goth humor. In other words, a dream come true for the 12 year-old boy in all of us.

Anyone with questions or comments regarding "Queens" is encouraged to email me. You can also connect on Twitter via @tvdvdguy.