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Thursday, June 26, 2014

'Blood Soaked'' DVD: Neo-Nazi Manson Sisters V. Scissor Sisters

Product Details
Wild Eye Releasing continues its awesome track record regarding DVD releases of the best in minimal budget horror films in making "Blood Soaked" available. This home-video introduction of this video-taped masterpiece follows the film earning the "Best Effects" award at the Jersey Gore Film Festival and comparable acclaim at similar events.

The uber-visual clip, courtesy of YouTube, of the trailer for "Blood Soaked" provides an excellent sense of both the story and the creepy vibe of the film. It also shows that this is a textbook modern midnight movie.

This genuine morality tale has a newly arrived college freshman quickly diving into the experimentations that are typical of the college experience (and nightmare of her overprotective mother) only to pay a very high price for her sinful ways. All of this comes in the form of a quickly formed friendship with an older student leading to attending a wild party in the desert, which leads to commencing a lesbian relationship between these coeds the next morning.

The penalty for being bad girls arrives in the form of encountering college-aged orphaned sisters who are perverse versions of the Olsen twins. These psychos derive great pleasure in making the new lovers victims of their evil scheme that involves killing innocents only to bring them back to life as uber-violent savages to serve as their Army that is designed to establish the fourth reich.

This all leads to highly disturbing psychological torture and cringe-worthy physical violence. The makeup is very good, and the extras do an equally wonderful job playing these incredibly primeval beings. 

Having the undead soldiers leashed and trailing their prey like bloodhounds is especially awesome; further, mutually tormenting them and their intended victim in another scene is equally well done.

It is exciting as well that "Soaked" has an exceptionally surprising ending that almost ensures a sequel. The possibility of seeing the psycho siblings march their followers into the nearby college town creates incredible anticipation.

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