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Thursday, March 30, 2017

'The Quiet Hour' DVD: Post-Apocalyptic Tale with '60s SciFi Vibe

The Monarch Home Entertainment March 21, 2017 DVD release of the 2014 scifi thriller "The Quiet Hour" nicely proves that character-driven productions of that ilk from the '60s are not entirely dead. The live-stage vibe of "Hour" contributes another nice element.

The following YouTube clip of the "Hour" trailer concisely shares the lore of the film and offers a look at the atmospheric and tense elements of this good flick.

This tale set in rural England largely centers around the efforts of roughly 20 year-old Sarah (Dakota Blue Richards) and her blind brother Jude (Karl Davies of "Game of Thrones") to survive despite alien spaceships mining the minerals of the earth create collateral damage in the form of decimating most of the population of earth. Solar power and livestock make the farmhouse of our heroes an oasis in this post-apocalyptic wasteland.

The bleak opening scene sets the tone of the film; fellow survivor Tom Connelly entering the home uninvited as part of his effort to either not become alien chow or get shot by a fellow human nomad amps up the drama. He being a person of interest to a small group that knows where he is and will take extreme measures to get him back does not help matters.

Reasonable distrust of Tom and discussions regarding the extent to which he is owed a duty drive much of the action. This person also being an interloper further impacts the arguably creepy extent to which Sarah and Jude are close.

Jude wandering off creates more drama and philosophical issues. This development further proves that there is your story, my story, and the truth. A related revelation is that most of us fall somewhere in between angel and demon on the Kinsey-style scale of human behavior.

"Hour" deserves even more praise for a realistic ending that does not rely on millions of dollars of pyrotechnics or a far-fetched heroic act. You simply having interesting characters in compelling circumstances taking extreme measures to see another sun rise.

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