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Friday, March 3, 2017

'Bloodrunners' DVD/BD/VOD: 'Boardwalk Empire' Meets 'Underworld'

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The 2017 joint Speakeasy Pictures and IMPULSE-FX joint "Bloodrunners" stars Ice-T as 1933 speakeasy entertainer/ancient one Chesterfield battling dirty cop/WWI veteran Jack Malone whom Michael McFadden plays. The Blu-ray/DVD set of this modern take on horror and gangster (rather than gangsta) films arrives on real and virtual shelves on March 7, 2017. This also is when the film hits VOD platforms.

Writer/director Dan Lantz combining these genres demonstrates the same witty creativity as demonstrated in films such as "Cowboys v. Aliens" and even more closely "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter."

The following YouTube clip of the "Bloodrunners" trailer features an awesome tongue-in-cheek Malone narration and a great sense of the style of the film.

The opening scenes in the aforementioned illegal nightclub evokes thoughts of the 1984 drama "The Cotton Club" or an incarnation of the television drama "The Untouchables." This includes Chesterfield and the closeted front man for the new spot in small town South Hampton, New Jersey keeping the mood in the front room festive while a rat is getting what he deserves in the rear. Malone and his right-hand man are having a good time and collecting the "luxury tax" that they impose on local bootleggers and scofflaws.

The third piece of this puzzle is the local whorehouse that can be considered a bordello of blood after the ladies of the evening invite a creature of the night to enjoy their hospitality. More drama ensues regarding Anna, who is a virgin and the daughter of madam Rosie, being close to house handyman/speakeasy busboy Willie.

The effort of Malone to get busboy Willie to freely snitch on his new employers leads to a police ambush of a run of what is believed to be illegal hooch in an effort to collect the luxury tax on that enterprise as well. This effort goes badly and leads to the police discovering that Chesterfield and his gang have something far more sinister than whiskey in their bottles.

This turn of events prompt our young not-quite lovers to try to pull a disappearing act. Seeking to fund this journey leads to the desperate measure of Willie trying to steal from the nightclub. Aptly being caught red-handed once more places the temporarily free Willie between the local cops and the undead scofflaws.

Depth comes in in the form of the aforementioned ambush triggering a foxhole trauma of Malone. This aspect provides good commentary on the nature of war and how we foolish mortals provide vampires ample opportunities to feed undetected.

All of this leads to an epic showdown with the good guys being a group that is as proverbially a rogue's gallery as it is odd bedfellows. The resulting spurting blood, exploding brains, vividly burning flesh, etc. look and sound spectacular in Blu-ray.

The special features include a gag reel, deleted and extended scenes, and the trailer for the film.

Anyone with questions or comments regarding "Bloodrunners" is welcome to email me; alternatively, you can reach out on Twitter via @tvdvdguy.