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Friday, December 2, 2016

'Sins of Our Youth' Theatrical/VOD/DVD What Slays in Vegas Stays in Vegas

Breaking Glass Pictures awesomely combines pulp noir with apt social commentary in the new film "Sins of Our Youth," which stars dreamy Lucas Till of "The X Men " franchise and "MacGyvrer" and "Hanna Montana" harmless guy bud Mitchel Musso. The soundtrack and the rich darkly colored cinematography make "Sins" worthy seeing on the big screen on December 2, 2016 four days before a December 6 VOD/DVD premiere. Watching it will annoy you that bringing it out took two years.

The following YouTube clip of a SPOILER DRIPPING promo. for "Sins" shows you most of what you need to know about this future cult classic.

This tale of teens running amok in Las Vegas with no adult supervision evokes strong thoughts of the mega-bestseller Donna Tart novel "The Goldfinch." Having "The Breakfast Club" bratpacker Ally Sheedy as the hard-drinking/blackjack dealer somewhat significant other of the never-seen father of one of the titular feral lads is a great hybrid element of the B-List star power and "Goldfinch" elements of the film.

The more general themes of blue-collar teen boy angst bring the awesome '80s Keanu Reeves indie dramas, which include "River's Edge" and "The Prince of Pennsylvania," to mind.

Till stars (and rocks) as teen boy Tyler, whose adventure begins with hanging at an arcade with best buds Scott (whom Musso plays) and Carlo and little brother David.  The combination of mind-altering substances. the parents of David and Tyler being away for several days, and those boys having access to a walk-in closet full of guns prompt the boys to use heavy artillery to hunt holiday decorations. The scenes of Christmas lights, exploding plastic, and copious gunfire are a prime example of the expert cinematography.

"Sins" is also notable for the good brotherly chemistry between Till and David portrayor Joel Courtney. Their bond and related emotions seem genuine.

Young teen neighbor Bradley picking the wrong time to check out the action makes him a victim of friendly fire. This is in turn requires that our quartet decide the best course of action.

The far-from-perfect solution that these gamer stoners devise foolishly pits them against each other. The ensuing classic noir element of paranoia hinders the group from canceling their deal. The large amounts of pot smoked in this period does not help matters.

Although the tension and drama build at the large birthday party of the girlfriend (who has a significant secret of her own) of Tyler, the manner in which things go down is unpredictable. The same is true regarding the ensuing events.

The overall cool element of this is the aspect of the butterfly effect. Our excitable boys can be counted on to make the wrong decision at every turn; this in turn escalates to more mayhem.

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