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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

'Criticsized' DVD: Revenge of the Panned

Monarch Home Entertainment abandons the entertaining holiday fluff of the recent Monarch DVD releases of the (Unreal TV reviewed) "The Spirit of Christmas" and the (also reviewed) "A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale" for the recent DVD release of the 2016 crime drama "Criticsized." This dedicated cop doggedly pursues psychotic serial killer having an element of effectively making harsh critics eat their unkind words makes a case for gentleness regarding this Best Picture winner at the Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival.

"Criticsized" centers around golden boy police detective Jack puresuing a killer who streams his torture and snuffing of his victims on the web. Callum Blue, whose many great roles include the hysterically deviant Mason on "Dead Like Me" and Zod on "Smallville" nicely plays Jack as an everycop whose edge does not greatly impact his daily personal or professional life.

Another awesome element of "Criticsized" is that the cliches are there for a reason. A prediction early in the film that the wife of Jack will end up strapped to a chair in front of a webcam comes true. However, the full reason for that "seen it (many times) before" moment adds good substance.

Other memorable twists come regarding the role that Jack plays in setting the killing spree in motion, the partner of Jack being more than a cop who merely is too old for this s**t, and a peeing match with the feds not ending up with Jack slamming his badge and his gun on the desk of his commanding officer.

"Criticsized" additionally makes an interesting point regarding the other side of panning bad films. Ridiculing schlock is great fun, and the Internet provides a safety barrier. At the same time, the film (and personal conversations with friends in the "biz" who get it right) show that words can hurt. This is especially true regarding filmmakers who think that they are the next Orson Welles only to have the world view them as the next Roger Corman.

As a further aside, the "Best Brains" behind the '90s cult cable series "Mystery Science Theater 3000" are famous for only subjecting purposefully bad movies to their treatment of yelling comments at the screen, Filmmakers who exert a valid effort have immunity.

The best way to wrap up all this is to hope that Zack Snyder never gets the home address of your not-so-humble reviewer. I do not have enough money for the refund that I consider the "Dawn of Justice" regarding "Batman v. Superman" and am not interested in joining the ranks of the unwatchable suicide squad who do not know Jack about portraying the Joker.

Anyone with questions or comments regarding "Criticsized" is welcome either to email me or to connect on Twitter via @tvdvdguy.