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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Moon Over Maine: A Coastal Town Sea of Tranquility

The eight-room bed-and-breakfast Moon Over Maine does not disappoint folks looking for a place to escape both the real-world and the far less hectic pace in downtown Ogunquit and the adjacent large sandy beach across the street from this Pine Tree State lodging facility. As a recent Unreal TV review of the nearby Ogunquit Playhouse production of "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" states, a desire to go home again is behind a recent visit to that area. Staying at Moon reflects the equally compelling objective of greatly desired downtime.

The inn gets its name from the interest in astronomy of the former owner. Each room has the name of either a planet or the moon itself. On a related note, the new ownership is a rare instance in which such a change enhances an inn.

Multi-talented (more below) innkeeper Rick Barber is young enough to recognize the importance of charging ports in each room and strong reliable WiFi but is old enough to remember the importance of amenities that most lodging establishments long abandoned. Examples of these features include clock radios and DVD players. Your not-so-humble reviewer aptly brought the Rhino Video DVD S1 set of the '60s sitcom "My Favorite Martian" to enjoy during some of the aforementioned downtime.

(Barber provides use of a DVD collection that ranges from Popeye cartoons to the art-house classic "Like Water for Chocolate" and am almost equally diverse library of books.)

The individualized accommodations have unique features that amplify the feeling of staying with a buddy from college. The numerous perks of Venus include a private entrance off a deck, a bathroom with the rare treat of adequate shelf space, and a work area. (Mars is equally nice, but this man very much enjoys being from Venus.)

Owning Moon truly fulfilling a lifelong dream for Barber is apparent from the moment that he greets you on your arrival. The aforementioned multi-talents further warrant comparing Barber to Vermont innkeeper/author/talk show host/(aptly) amateur psychologist Dick Loudon of the late '80s-early '90s CBS Monday night sitcom "Newhart." Barber is a professional photographer, real estate agent who actually does right by his clients, and world-class scone baker. (The chocolate chip and almond ones are personal faves.)

Fellow greeters resident dogs Hope and Ty join Barber in meeting guests on their arrival. The extent to which the pooches welcome you is up to the visitor; joining them on the floor for vigorous playing (including mutual barking and growling) is great fun. This pair also is around most of the time and eager for additional play sessions. (Ty loves giving you five and even ten.)

The photo below shows that Hope (lower left) and Ty also will visit your room for play dates if invited.

The second "B" in the designation of "Moon"delivers on its promise of a continental breakfast, The aforementioned home-made pastries are the centerpiece of the most important meal of the day. Additional treats include bagels and English muffins, cereal, freshly brewed coffee and assorted teas, and orange juice.

Barber enhances all this with exceptional knowledge and recommendations regarding restaurants, shopping, and anything else that suits your fancy.

The only negative aspect of staying at "Moon" is that you will not want to leave to until you have exhausted the weeks' worth of beaches, store, dining establishments, and other attractions that are within a hour drive.

Anyone who wants to learn more about Moon is encouraged to call Barber at 207-646-6666.