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Thursday, September 15, 2016

'Matt Houston' S2 DVD: Houston, We Have Liftoff

Matt Houston - The Complete Collection

These musing regarding the second-season DVD set in the '80stastic Visual Entertainment complete-series set of the the mid-80s ABC Aaron Spelling (Shonda who?) action-adventure series "Matt Houston" are a follow-up to the series primer in the Unreal TV S1 review. The S3 review aptly is scheduled to wrap up these reviews as the leaves start to fall in 2/3 of the United States.

As an aside, future "The X Files" and "Supernatural" producer/director Kim Manners sits in the director's chair for several "Houston" episodes.

"Houston" chronicles the exploits of the titular "Magnum, P.I." clone/dashing oilman/private detective. Part of the fun of this anthology series is the plethora of "The Love Boat " caliber B and C-List celebrities that reflection determines is too cheesylicious to spoil in a review.

The special extended S1 premiere episode finds Houston uncovering a plot straight out of better known Spelling '80s series "Dynasty" on reuniting with his beloved father in Texas. This one starts with our urban cowboy being very frustrated regarding a strong sense of being stalked around his Los Angeles haunts. Soon discovering that the one-who-got-away also is being followed prompts Houston to accompany her back to Texas.

On arriving in Texas, the plot thickens to the consistency of black gold (oil that is). The stalking escalates to attempts on the life of Houston, a rival oilman exerting strong pressure on Houston to sell conservation land, and an evil twin is thrown in for good measure. The teaser regarding the guest stars is that this roster includes a true former Hollywood legend.

The deep-dark family secret that Houston learns during that visit and associated trauma that he experiences prompts abandoning his oil business and becoming a full-time investigator. 

The first case that Houston, PI takes on involves a former client of Houston attorney/right-hand gal/"its complicated" love interest C.J. Parsons. The first guest-star teaser this time is that an unconventional client whom events early in this episode haunt get Houston to work trying to prove that a former cop who is convicted of a drug-related murder is innocent. The second guest-star teaser is that the casting of an actor as a vice cop is awesome.

The next outing has an awesome "Lifetime Movie" feel to it; Houston finds himself the object of a fatal attraction by a casual fling with an ongoing history of severe mental problems. Sharing that said member of the bunny-boiling set ends up rolling around on the floor with Parsons is not much of a spoiler. 

The watching of the first few of the 22 S2 episodes for this review wraps up with the awesomely titled "The Centerfold Murders." This one has Houston trying to protect yet another former flame. This distress regarding this damsel is that she is a centerfold model in a contest with her fellow cheesecake cuties, who are being killed off in chronological order. The guest-star teaser (without requesting a penny for these thoughts) this time is that things are far from jake for a man with a fat stake in in the contest. 

As demonstrated above, the highly entertaining Spelling touch is very visible in "Houston." We get household names in awesomely lowest-common-denominator stories set in the lifestyles of the rich and famous. No one does any of the above better than him or quite like he does; Aaron baby, you're the best

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