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Friday, August 14, 2015

'The Young Kieslowski Theatrical Release: Unplanned Pregnant Pause for College Students

The Young Kieslowski Poster

Winner of the award for Best Narrative Feature at the 2014 Los Angeles Film Festival The Young Kieslowski recently hitting theaters provide a chance to check out the indie flick goodness of this film for yourself. This dramedy with the emphasis on the "edy," is a charming cautionary tale about casual college hook-ups.

One of the most appealing aspects of "Young" is that leads Ryan Malgarini (of the Jay Mohr sitcom "Unmarried") and Haley Lu Richardson, who respectively play the titular Brian Kieslowski and Leslie Mallard, look like ordinary people in contrast to super model college studs and coeds.

The following clip, courtesy of YouTube, of the trailer for "Young" exemplifies the blessing and the curse of these shorts. It contains a fair amount of spoilers and includes a large percentage of the best moments of the film.

The primary tale commences with socially and physically awkward virgin Brian meeting good Christian girl Leslie, who is committed to saving herself until marriage, at a college house party. In equally typical college fashion, Leslie being drunk is a factor regarding Brian spending the night in her apartment.

In more general romcom style, a couple of wacky developments precludes Ben from reconnecting with a now-pregnant Leslie. On reuniting a little later, the pair must decide both their own future and that of their inadvertently created life. Said deliberation includes a very amusing visit to the parents of Ben and a more somber one to the father of Leslie.

The assorted dilemmas open the door for stories related to obtaining independence from parents, the numerous issues regarding an unexpected pregnancy, and the complications regarding a relationship with a baby daddy. That is not to mention the consequences of not finishing college because of a combination of these factors.

As mentioned above, "Young" has a nice "every college kid" vibe to it. Brian rooms with his equally quirky best friend and hangs with the one typical handsome guy who always seems to have a guy like Brian in his life.

Leslie is the stereotypical dedicated student who is not obnoxious about it. Although she openly discusses her ambition, she does not make us slackers by comparison feel either lazy or stupid.

This all amounts to "Young" being a movie to which a large portion of the population of college students can relate and that prompt various degrees of nostalgia in those of us whose college days are behind us.

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