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Monday, August 31, 2015

'Danger 5' S2 DVD: That '80s Edgy WWII Farce

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[EDITOR'S NOTE: This Region 4 DVD from Australia will not play in a standard U.S. DVD player. It requires an International region-free player.]

Both the best and most accurate thing that can be stated about the Australian-based Madman Entertainment DVD set of the 2015 second season of the heilarious farce "Danger 5" is that it is surreally awesome. The adventures of the titular commando team that spends the recently reviewed first season simultaneously attempting to thwart the latest Nazi plot in their '60s style reality and to kill Hitler shift to a very '80s period. There are also other blatant changes that subsequent events show to be extremely clever.

The second-season action in this series that gleefully combines cheap effects, bizarre plots, and satires of numerous war cliches begins with bringing the remaining members of the band back together in the wake of Hitler gunning down the Reuben Kincaid of the group.

The killing in turn leads to a season-long Christmas period plot that centers around Hitler using Valley Girl high school student Holly as an integral element of his plot for world domination. Both the cleverly presented reveals and the climax of this story line wonderfully illustrates the artistic comic genius of danger and inadvertently honors "A Christmas Story" and "Home Alone."

Side stories include one team member awesomely losing his head after the decapitation of a colleague, another team member experiencing a radical transformation that puts Michael Jackson to shame, and the team leader taking a pause (this will be hilarious on watching the show) to break down the fourth wall.

Meanwhile, Khrushchev does his best to influence events through his covert relationship with team member Ilsa, who pursues her own agenda. Although this pair makes a great sitcom couple and regularly plot, Lucy and Ricky they ain't.

The award for best episode of the season (and the series) goes to "Johnny Hitler." This one has the nemesis of the team pose as a cool high school kid as part of his campaign to become the object of the affection of the aforementioned teen who is made for him. This send-up of John Hughes movies (and "21 Jump Street") and later awesome homages to "Back to the Future" and '80s cop films are only part of what makes "Danger 5" so spectacular.

The '80slicious fun literally continues to the end of each episode through commercials for wonderfully perverse "Danger" themed toys.

Other fun continues with virtually weekly transformations of Hitler. Declaring that he is not himself throughout most of the season is a HUGE understatement. These events further will inspire that most awesome ever trip to Build-a-Bear.

The overall effect of all this '80slicious mayhem is a mental image of the "Danger" writers having a very free-form stream-of-consciousness session in which they shout out everything that comes to mind. The terrific result is a melange of perfectly blended very diverse elements.

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