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Sunday, August 30, 2015

'The Chambermaid' DVD: Deserves Clean Sweep of Awards

THE CHAMBERMAID DVD & Online Streaming

The 2015 German drama "The Chambermaid" is one of two fantabulous feminist movies that uber-awesome foreign film distributor (and operator of the best ever film-of-the-month club) Film Movement is releasing on DVD on September 1, 2015. The other is the Bulgarian film "The Lesson," which is the subject of a upcoming Unreal TV review.

"Chambermaid" director Ingo Haeb stating in an interview with Movement that the appeal of the film includes that it could be set anywhere reflects one of the primary appealing aspects of every title in the Movement catalog. Movement having an excellent eye for such titles strongly supports the statement of Haeb.

The following YouTube clip of brief looks at scenes from "Chambermaid" illustrates the artistry of the film that earns it a place in the Movement catalog.

The universal themes of "Chambermaid" include titular hotel employee Lynn being shy to the extent of that condition once requiring a stay in a psychiatric hospital, a textbook "difficult" mother being a major factor regarding that disease, and Lynn vicariously living through the lives of the hotel guests to the extent of hiding under their beds while the unsuspecting clientele conducts conversations and engages in other activity that is typical during stays in temporary lodgings.

The aforementioned dust bunny imitation leads to Lynn connecting with professional dominatrix Chiara. Their ensuing "courtship" is the stuff of which classic German existentialist dramas are made. The terrific mix of sensuality and eroticism is a nice bonus.

Other great entertainment comes in the form of star Vicky Krieps wonderfully bringing the quirks of Lynn to life, the cathartic value of watching the abuse and resulting despair that Lynn endures, and watching Chiara dominate (of course, pun intended) every scene in which she appears.

The aforementioned universal themes are the bottom line regarding all this. All of us can relate to the characters and feel their emotional and/or physical pain.

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