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Thursday, July 23, 2015

'An Honest Liar' DVD/BD: Astonishing Story of Life of Amazing Randi

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The recent separate DVD and Blu-ray releases of the 2014 documentary "An Honest Liar" is the latest in a string of Unreal TV reviewed documentaries or docudramas based on historic events. These films show that fact often provides better fodder for films than franchise flicks and other schlockbusters.

The titular liar in this one is legendary magician/fraudbuster James "The Amazing" Randi. This modern-day Houdini is as skilled as that magic pioneer and shares his passion for exposing folks who use their talent for magic for "evil."

The too numerous to mention awards for "Liar" proves that the praise for this comprehensive look at the 80-plus years of the subject is not an illusion. The filmmakers pull off the tough trick of simultaneously entertaining and educating that is an ideal regarding documentaries.

The teaser that the following clip, courtesy of YouTube, of the spoiler-heavy trailer provides for "Liar" is worthy of its subject.

The horses' mouths that tell the story of Randi include the man himself, those in his inner circle, colleagues, and magic experts. The numerous clips include footage of variety show appearances of Randi, some of his numerous chats with Johnny Carson, and appearances by self-proclaimed psychic (and Randi nemesis) Uri Geller and other frauds that Randi exposed. Two of the most fun clips are of a Geller "Tonight Show" spot in which Randi prevents that guest from using deception and a "Happy Days" appearance by Randi, which he discusses in a great special feature.

Another notable segment has Satanic rock star Alice Cooper discuss hiring Randi to create an illusion. This scene includes Cooper aptly discussing hiring the best man for the job.

Other footage depicts Randi revealing that a faith healer is a fraud. The priceless "gotcha" moment here is must-see.

The personal and professional lives of Randi intersect regarding his mixing business and pleasure as to coaching artist Jose Alvarez to pose as a guru who is capable of channeling spirits. The reveals regarding this "May-December" pair provide great drama.

The bottom line regarding all this is that Randi uses his power for good and further utilizes it to thwart those who use their related skills for less noble causes. In this respect, as mentioned above, Randi effectively channels Houdini.

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