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Thursday, December 11, 2014

'the little Bedroom' DVD: Heart-warming Non-sappy French Human Drama

Product Details
Cinema Libre Studio provides lovers of great foreign art house films a nice holiday treat in separately releasing the 2010 French drama "the little Bedroom" and the recently reviewed 2013 drama "French Affairs" on December 9, 2014.

The accolades for "Bedroom" include the Swiss Film Prize awards for Best Screenplay and Best Film.

"Bedroom" takes a mid-weight tone in telling the initially parallel stores of octogenarian Edmond and geriatric home-healthcare nurse Rose and the bond that develops due to their comparable experiences and compatible needs. The great instincts that leads Michel Bouquet (unsure whether he is that Bucket man) and Florence Loire Caille demonstrate regarding their roles greatly enhance the success of this narrative.

The following clip, courtesy of YouTube, of the trailer for "Bedroom" includes portions of several key scenes that provide an excellent sense of the tone and the quality of the film.

The rapidly declining mental and physical health of Edmond intensifies the efforts of his son, who is planning a move to the United States, to relocate Edmond from Edmond's apartment into a care facility. Rose initially enters the picture as a visiting nurse and becomes more involved in the life of Edmond following an incident that first requires hospitalization and then has him moving into a long-term care facility.

For her part, Rose is dealing with a very tough death in her life and a husband who both is losing patience with her inability to cope with that loss and who must take an extended business trip to the United States.

The events that bring Edmond and Rose closer ultimately lead to the former moving into the titular accommodations in the home of the latter. One issue is that neither Edmond nor Rose inform either the care facility nor Edmond's son of this address change.

Although not set during the holiday season, this tale of a friendship with non-sexual benefits conveys the spirit of support and love that this time of year ideally represents. We all need to both be cared for and to be needed.

This success of "Bedroom" to be sweet minus the sickly and to have nice twists also make it a great film for everyone of every age who can read the subtitles.

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