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Monday, July 21, 2014

'The Perfect House:' DVD: Split-level, Three Stories of Grindhouse Terror

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Horror flick god Wild Eyes Releasing shows particularly good instincts in releasing the 2012 film "The Perfect House", which is coming out on July 22 2014, on DVD.  Film fest love for this movie includes the awards for Best Feature at the Scarlet Waters Film Fest and for Best Actor at the Underdog Festival.

The titular domicile is an outwardly typical suburban dwelling with a long history of extreme violence; the three tales that comprise the anthology that comprise said history are portrayed in the context of a young couple, who are potential buyers,  falling under the spell of the basement where all the mayhem ensues.

An observation of a scratch on the floor, etc. during the tour triggers the telling of the tales that relates to that flaw.

The following clip, courtesy of YouTube, of the trailer for "Perfect" offers a good sense of the premise of the film, as well as the horror and humor.

The first tale depicts gruesome events that deep family drama triggers; the best that can be written regarding this one with giving away too much is that it shows an extreme example of second child syndrome.

The second tale is even more wonderfully twisted creation; it has a terrifically deranged serial killer keeping a now-jaded long-term captive around to provide a audience for the torture and ultimate killing of other victims. Great humor includes the witness calmly sharing the schedule that said maniac follows regarding feeding and sexually assaulting her.

The third entry in this trilogy revolves around a neighborly feud going to an extreme. Lessons from this one include the importance of returning borrowed yard tools and of not allowing sibling rivalries to continue.

The satisfying (but somewhat predictable) conclusion to "Perfect" provides a good sense that the saying "cellar beware" is sage advice regarding the home at issue.

The press materials for "Perfect" point out that this format (and the tales themselves ) are designed to provide an overview of different sub-genres of horror. This seems reasonable to the untrained eye of someone with a limited knowledge of horror.

It seem more apparent that the stories depict the horrors that occur next door while we are living our lives. Watching the film evokes thoughts of stereotypical post-tragedy comments to news crews such as "they seemed like such a happy family," "he was just a quiet guy who did not come out much," and "he was a terrific neighbor that I never thought would do anything like that."

The final analysis regarding these tales of folks who should be tossed into a deep dark basement at Arkham is that they have ample gore and perverse drama and humor to satisfy even hard-core horror fans.

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