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Monday, July 28, 2014

'Eroddity(s) DVD: Logo After Dark's "Tales From the Crypt"

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The parallels between the recent DVD release of the 2014 comically bizarre film "Eroddity(s)" from leading purveyor of gay-themed video fare TLA Releasing and the similar erotic supernatural themed DVD set of the HereTV series "Dante's Cove," which Unreal TV considers the worst series ever made, extends beyond the common themes and the fact that things have come far enough to allow openly making them available to the general public.

Coverage of these  titles, and of the recently reviewed entertaining and much lighter non-erotic film "Tennessee Queer," does not signal that this site is shifting away from focusing on DVD releases of classic scripted films and TV series.

The aforementioned reviews, as well as the hilariously vicious pan of "Magic Mike," merely show that gay fare (like any genre except most reality shows) is welcome in the Unreal TV family. Further, it is likely that "Eroddity(s)" will not be the last TLA title to receive coverage. Fans who dislike this fare are asked to please just pass on that one.

"Eroddity(s)" is wonderfully unusual in that (like "Cove"), it both strips (pun intended) away all pretense regarding the sexual nature of most suspense-themed horror and makes the four tales in this anthology gay-themed.

It is equally nice to see that the attractive (and hairless or nearly hairless) late teens and early 20s young men (commonly known as twinks) act more like out and proud guys of their era than freshly scrubbed broadly smiling youngsters of both more mainstream gay fare featuring their generation and Disney Channel shows. (However, one naughty character shares his name (but little else) with a certain tow-headed twin who starred in two hit Disney shows.)

It is equally nice that most of the acting is decent, and definitely is better than the performances of people of all ages and both genders who appear in films that call for them to be fully naked and engage in sexual activity throughout most of the film.

Further, the production values and music in "Eroddity(s)" far exceeds that of the titles that can only be bought after providing verification of age. A featured song in the opening credits of one segment is actually very catchy and validly prompts head bobbing.

The logo for the studio that produces "Eroddiy(s)" being a palm tree with two ripe coconuts framing the trunk is the first indication that clueless reviewers and other audience members are in for a film that is more "ero" than "odd." Not that there is anything wrong with that.

The following slightly erotic clip, courtesy of YouTube, of the trailer for "Erodity(s)" provides an exceptional sense of the intended mix of erotic and odd in the film. It additionally includes recaps of each tale and lets the audience check out the assets of the cast.

The first tale, which is titled "Forever Mine," provides the lore regarding the delightful and cute host of this "Tales From the Crypt" inspired movie. This one centers around said host and the object of his affection entering a forbidden relationship with a tragic end. It involves acceptable full-frontal nudity and an explicit (but non-sexual) urination scene that seems a little extreme for this film.

The next story, which is titled "A Mind of Their Own," is a little more sexual (and clever) than the opening segment. This entertaining tale has the life of a 20-something stud taking a very bizarre twist when he confronts the man with whom he suspects that his boyfriend is cheating.

Great humor in this one includes the host finding himself the victim of the "Warehouse 13" style "artifact" that causes all the problems.

The third story, which is a personal favorite, titled "An Unsolved Christmas" has a good mix of humor and suspense but is not one that you want to pop in the DVD player during a family gathering next December.

The adorable young offender in this one gets into trouble using the camera that his minister father gives him to "cure" him from having gay thoughts to make predictably erotic photos and videos. Male and female fans alike of the boy next door type will especially like all-American neighbor Bobby.

The film ends with the darkest (and most sexual but least erotic) tale of the four; "The Way to A Man's Heart" has a teen who is abused in every sense during life return on the anniversary of his death to exact revenge. This one is closest of the four to traditional horror. Hilarious exchanges between an accomplice to the pivotal events in the film and his unseen neighbor provide the humor in this one.

The epilogue to this anthology is that it is a creative and respectable production of erotic gay horror. Folks who enjoy that genre should be satisfied despite the lack of happy endings.

Anyone with questions or comments regarding "Eroddity(s)" are welcome to email me; you can also connect on Twitter via @tvdvdguy.