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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

'Wild Awakening' DVD: Gay Wyld Stallyns Rule!

Foreign art-house division of tla video tla releasing fully gets in the spirit of gay-themed summertime escapist fare with the recent DVD release of the 2016 Spanish drama "Wild Awakening." This muy caliente telenovella-style film is the perfect cure for the hot and humid day that ails you. The copious softcore footage of beefy men enjoying what truly is a dude ranch and the additional scene of a playful water fight alone will satisfy many viewers.

The following YouTube clip of the "Wild" trailer highlights the mix of erotic and dramatic elements in the film.

This awesomely campy melodrama opens with the fabulous suspects being hauled downtown as part of an apparent murder investigation. These overwrought individuals assert that they did not do it and then go on to finger someone else.

The object of all this affection is hunky horse farm laborer Aaron. This rural cowboy is the son of foreman Ramon and the prey of sibling farm owners gay party boy/slut Toni and his more responsible/respectable sister Emma. For his part, Ramon expresses a pathological hatred toward Toni and the shirtless musclemen whom he invites for rides.

This questioning ends with pre-op tran Gina recreating a famous movie scene that no audience will ever view the same way after seeing this variation.

The action then shifts back roughly a week; it is business as usual on the ranch. Toni is sleeping in with his beau du jour, Emma is bearing most of the burden of running the business, and the bulked-up friends of Toni are not riding bareback but are barechested.

Emma making a move on Aaron prompts Toni to strike while the ranch hand is hot; the seduction attempt by the eldest son includes encouraging Aaron to join the festivities that he and the boys are enjoying. This blatant effort to corrupt his son sends Ramon to the brink of insanity in a manner that plays a role in the subsequent police action.

Other telenovella drama enters in the form of Ramon having a dark secret, the "one who got away" returning, and childhood drama resurfacing.

The climax to all this is satisfying; the audience has a good idea of the outcome but get more of a happy ending than anticipated.

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