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Thursday, June 8, 2017

'The World According to Spider-Man' Awesome Life Guide Makes Perfect Dad Day Gift Ahead of 'Homecoming'

The hardcover Insight Editions hardcover book "The World According to Spider-Man" is an incredibly fun read that WILL delight EVERY fanboy dad next Sunday; thoughtful offspring who buy it have the permission of your friendly neighborhood reviewer to read it before giving it his or her male parental unit. The cherry on the webbing is that the July 7, 2017 theatrical release of "Spider-Man: Homecoming" makes this a particularly good year to give this book.

On a very large level, Spider-Man is a marvel (pun intended) because he gives flavor-of-2016 Deadpool a run for his money regarding hysterical irreverent humor and his origin story is one the more believable ones out there. (Super sorry, Barry.) Additionally, alter-ego Peter Parker is a nice, sweet, handsome arachnid who lacks the overbearing earnestness of a fellow newspaper professional/superhero one could name. Joining Mr. Parker's Not-So-Vicious Circle would be an incredible delight.

As author Daniel Wallace writes in a pitch-perfect Peter Parker voice, "World" provides a hilarious primer on EVERY aspect of being a superhero down to hints regarding witty banter while battling the super villains that this book addresses. The terrific graphic novel style artwork and numerous cool surprise gifts are awesome bonuses. This is not to mention the "guest authors."

Wallace kicks things off with a brief synopsis of the Spider-man origin story. The trademark clever sarcasm is fully displayed, and the bonus is a ranting letter by Parker boss/nemesis/Daily Bugle Publisher and Editor-in-Chief  "Jolly" J. Jonah Jameson.

Wallace goes on to share practical aspects of costume design and care; the suggested concerns include the presence of household pets. The image below is of that section.

Readers further learn about the crime-fighting gadgets that Spider-man uses, discover his web-swinging hints, gets low-down on Marvel heroes, and obtains insights related to changing into a super-hero costume. The surprise gifts include business cards and a special recipe.

This truly is a delight because Wallace masterfully keeps the humor flowing with truly unexpected quips and Marvel insider jokes. A spontaneous smile and/or laugh is worth a great deal in our dystopian era.

The qualities described above fulfill the basic requirements that a gift be something that the recipient probably will like and is highly unlikely to purchase for himself or herself. It being a surprise is a plus, and an item such as a book is particularly great because it effectively has a literally infinite shelf life and is the type of thing that the owner can pull out and share that it is a present from the giver.

Anyone with questions or comments regarding "World" is encouraged to email me; you also can connect on Twitter via @tvdvdguy.