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Thursday, February 16, 2017

'Miles to Go' DVD: Hollywood Boulevard Quincy Rose

An introduction to the wit and wisdom of producer/writer/director Quincy Rose regarding his hilarious and insightful (reviewed) indie flick "Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends" led to nice online communication with him. This led to a recent chance to watch the DVD release of his 2012 romantic drama "Miles to Go," which Indiewire states is "one of the 12 indie films to watch."

The following YouTube clip of the "Miles" trailer nicely informs without hyping. The wry low-key style of this promo. provides an excellent sense of the film with minimal spoilers.

Rose, who is producer/director/writer, shines as the titular nerdish 30-something Los Angeles writer. His black plastic rimmed glasses and poster for the vintage Woody Allen film "Take the Money and Run" in his reel-life living room reinforce the strong vibe from "Miles" and "Friends" that Rose is the rightful heir to the kingdom of Woody Allen. Much of this relates to Rose wisely emulating (but not parodying) Allen. This homage includes opening and closing credits that are simple white letters against a black background.

The oozing symbolism in "Miles" extends well beyond the title referring to our hero being neurotically pessimistic regarding any relationship passing the test of time. This is in the context of Miles frequently frequenting massage parlors and engaging in other unhealthy pursuits of a happy ending in the five months since a break-up with long-time repeatedly on-again off-again girlfriend Julia.

Other symbolism relates to this relationship-impaired man creating permanency in the form of several tattoos. The ink that he receives during the film is the most meaningful one of all.

The current state of Milia is that a combination of loneliness, horniness, and attraction has them alternatively reaching out to the other in ways that more often then not lead to sex. The only thing keeping those crazy kids apart is both of them wanting a commitment to a long-term relationship but Miles being unsure of his ability to provide that stability.

The aforementioned wit and wisdom includes the inner high-school boy comments regarding which Rose is a master. A hilarious bit in "Friends" relates to a character sharing that the nature of his penis warrants giving that love muscle the name of a well-known supermodel. "Miles" has similar commentary regarding the (briefly glimpsed) love organ of our hero.

Rose additionally adds a teen-boy twist to the standard Allen scene of childless yuppie friends conversing during dinner. A discussion of sexual accommodations leads to the topic of women agreeing to engage in anal sex if doing so is adequately important to their man. The spirit of Allen is most present regarding an observation that even highly straight men have a strong enough homosexual urge to want to penetrate someone anally. The Rose side comes through regarding Miles making amusing tasteless jokes on the subject.

Another scene has Miles playing his regular role of providing the male perspective to a woman to with a relationship history that rivals his own. He explains that a man who engages in pre-coitus interruptus in the form of just wanting to snuggle does so only due to embarrassment regarding covertly crossing the finish line during foreplay.

On a more respectable level, Rose further shares his thoughts regarding pretension related to keeping books that you have read on the shelf. This is in line with a real-life independent bookseller observing that Millennials buy hardcover books because that is their only affordable means of expressing their personalities.

In other words, "Miles" works because it is true. Gen Xers and Millennials are from generations in which most relationships do not endure. They further have the blessing and the curse related to casual hookups often being lauded and no dishonor being associated with not marrying until late in life if at all. This simply makes it tough for those of us who want forever after and fear the heartache associated with that not happening.

A personal note regarding the Rose take on relationships is that recently losing a greatly loved (and exceptionally loving) dog renewed always present feelings that we animal lovers fully give our hearts to canines and felines (and get just as much love back) despite knowing that we will lose them within 15 years. At the same time, we are back at the shelter looking for a new "child" no longer than a year later.

Anyone with questions or comments regarding "Miles or "Rose" is encouraged to email me; you also can connect on Twitter via @tvdvdguy.

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