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Friday, January 29, 2016

'Dishonored Bodies' DVD: Nine (but No Half) Provocative Shorts from Juanna Carrillo

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The nine short films in the tla releasing, which can be considered the most sophisticated relative in the TLA Video family, DVD release "Dishonored Bodies" offers a primer on the art-house films Juanna Carrillo. The apt releasing description of Carrillo as "Spain's most exciting queer filmmaker" is one reason that this division earns this distinction.

The primary appeal of "Bodies" is that it shows the world-at-large that gay-themed films have a place in every genre. The highly stylized erotic gay shorts are just as appropriate for any festival that shows movies of these types as ones that focus either on the female body or on heterosexual intimacy. This nicely comes on the heels of well-produced gaycoms and dramas making their way into multiplexes without any second thoughts.

The creative nature of several "Bodies" films extends beyond the artistic lighting that accompanies shifting images of male and female bodies intertwining in numerous configurations to often tying two shorts together. The most awesome example of this is following a very '80s style film that consists of propaganda images and seditious rhetoric with a beautifully shot film of a soldier from the same era as said propaganda desperately trying to rescue a woman trapped behind barbed wire.

"Scaffolding" easily is the most charming film in the set. It depicts the developing relationship between two attractive 20-something neighbors who ignore each other until the titular object partially blocks their homes. The next film opening with shots of that scaffolding provides a bridge (no pun intended) between those films.

"F**kbuddies" wins the dual awards for the most provocative and entertaining short in the group. This one entirely takes place in a car during a (not entirely satisfying) casual hookup. The interaction that follows the intercourse is both highly entertaining and hilarious. This film also has a tie to the memorable twist in the final film, which mostly consists of a POV shot of an unwelcome interloper in a gay cruising area in which most of the action is hard core. This one is either very funny or very sad because it is true depending on your perspective.

It is equally awesome that these films fall safely on the "art" side of the pornography line. Even the more stark images (such as highly explicit oral sex) are there to make a point. Sadly I am not ready for my close-up Mr. Carrillo.

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