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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Awesome Classic TV Cross-over Series Ideas

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The inspiration for this diversion from reviews on DVD and Blu-ray releases of international movies and television series stemmed from a series of fortunate events. These began with your friendly neighborhood reviewer and his highly significant other watching a DVD episode of the modern sci fi series "Stargaate: Universe," which revolved around a small military group and a gaggle of untrained civilians trapped on an ancient in two senses of the word spaceship at the other end of the universe. This viewing immediately following watching a Tivoed episode of the '80s sitcom "Mama's Family" prompted said Honey Boo Boo to start acting out the Southern bickering working class Harper family of "Mama's" being on the "Universe" ship. This inspired said reviewer to comment "Mama's Universe."

A bad bout of insomnia the next night prompted 1:00 a.m. thoughts of "Gimme A Benson." The concept this time was that surrogate parent to motherless girls of the police chief Nell Harper of the '80s sitcom "Gimme A Break" was the surrogate parent to the motherless daughter of the governor in the '80s sitcom "Benson." This one had Harper clashing with the titular wise-cracking civil servant.

Further thoughts during this period of sleep deprivation were of the deplorable reincarnations of classic sitcoms in the early days of cable in which the need for content resulted in some of the worst programs in television history. Examples included new versions of "The Monkees," "WKRP in Cincinnati," and "The Munsters." (Memories of "She's the Sheriff" and "Out of this World" are mercifully vague.)

The product of all this are the following additional ideas for cross-over series of classic sitcoms. Advance apologies if TV Land or its ilk actually develop any of the them.

"Mama's Second Family." Cranky southern white senior citizen Thelma Harper learns that middle-aged southern black Nell Harper of "Break" is the daughter from the inter-racial secret family of Thelma's deceased husband Carl Harper. Nell falling on hard times requires that she join the wacky crowded Harper household.

"Leave it to Jeannie." Mischievous tyke Beaver Cleaver of "Leave it to Beaver" uses money he is given for new shoes for a genie bottle that a hobo is selling. the bottle contains the magical imp from "I Dream of Jeannie." The weekly adventures consist of said genie making things worse when using her powers to try to extricate Beaver from the messes in which he finds himself. B stories involve prim and proper June Cleaver trying to get Jeannie to exchange her harem outfit for a high-necked dress and pearls.

"Sanford and the Man." Irascible widowed black elderly junk dealer Fred Sanford (like deceased Sanford portrayor Redd Foxx) of "Sanford and Son" actually has a heart attack after years of faking it. This requires that he sell his "empire" and share a small inner-city apartment with his white counterpart (now) retired auto shop owner Ed Brown of fellow '70s urban sitcom "Chico and the Man." Both men delight in expressing their racist views while clashing with the younger and more liberal ethnically diverse members of their community.

Anyone with thoughts regarding any of the crossovers described above or with similar ideas is strongly encouraged to email me; you can also connect on Twitter via @tvdvdguy.