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Saturday, September 5, 2015

'My Favorite Movie' DVD: 'Clerks'/'How I Met Your Mother' Mash Up

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The 2013 quirky indie comedy "My Favorite Movie," which is recently out on DVD, from Running Bear Media is a great example of the understated summer films that used to fill smaller theaters in multiplexes. The largely laid-back with an edge bizarre leads are nicely straight out of the granddaddy of all quirky indie flicks "Clerks;" the narrative technique and story regarding the underlying plot of McJob holder Dave falling for an employee of the hated McDucks fast food restaurant are straight out of the long running sitcom "How I Met Your Mother." The nature of the basis for the hatred of the restaurant is straight out of the news.

The aforementioned Dave is a stereotypical mild-mannered good guy who quietly does his job in an office with highly eccentric and annoying colleagues. An incident that pushes the limits of his high tolerance for aggravation provides the type of comedy that is funny when it happens to someone else and horrible when you are the victim.

The primary entourage of Dave consists of best friend Jerry, a highly unconventional stockbroker with excellent cause for despising the aforementioned junk food haven, and trailer-dwelling "The Steve." The video-game addicted and highly unmotivated assistant of Jerry rounds out the group. Jerry and said aide not having a good sense of the duties of the latter perfectly illustrates the dynamics of the group.

A love-at-first-stalk that Dave develops for a character known as the McDucks Girl establishes a one-sided "Romeo and Juliet." The impact of this clandestine romance includes evasive behavior regarding Jerry et al.

Additional "Clerks" mayhem enters in the forms of a slacker cop, a serial killer with an odd obsession, and a suburban ninja. This is on top of the home of Jerry being a refuge for his eccentric friends and associates.

A nice expansion of the fast-food theme comes in the form of a hilarious battle centered around McDucks competitor Blendy's, The evil entity at that establishment is pure Kevin Smith.

The "Mother" concept comes in the form of the teen son of Dave finding a videotape that explains the contempt for McDucks and that chronicles the relationship between his father and the aforementioned "Juliet." This tale becoming an obsession at the high school of said offspring adds a nice twist and provides some of the best humor in this always amusing and often hilarious future cult classic. The lore regarding the tape is purely awesome.

This variation on an oft-used narrative technique shows the same creativity as the manner in telling the story in the recently reviewed Bear Jekyll and Hyde film "Butterflies of Bill Baker."

The end result of all this is that honorary "Jersey" boy writer/director Martin Rogers shows that they can make 'em like they used to in the '80s and early '90s and that doing so does not need to break the bank.

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