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Friday, September 11, 2015

'Hidden Away' DVD: Spanish and Moroccan Boy Find Love on the Fly

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tla releasing, which can be considered the art house division of LGBT home-video leader tla video, uses good judgment regarding making the Spanish drama "Hidden Away" its July 2015 DVD selection. The accolades for this tale of a teen infatuation with long-term potential include winning the Queer Award at the 2015 Torino Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

The following YouTube clip of the "Hidden" trailer nicely illustrates the teen boys in love aspect of the film.

The "ripped from the headlines" element of this film has 14 year-old Moroccan refuge Ibrahim (a.ka. Ibra) living in an institution with similarly situated lads when he has a chaste casual encounter with working-class Spanish teen Rafa. Although few words pass between the boys, their exchanged glances will make viewers who smoke want to light up,

Any male whose first love shares his gender can relate to Rafa subsequently adorably seeking out Ibrahim and Ibrahim having erotic dreams that star Rafa. Having the buddies of Rafa push him toward the arms of a girl who expresses interest in him is equally relatable to boys who like other boys; a scene in this regard in which Rafa and a clueless buddy discusses means for practicing kissing is "must see."

Watching our boys effectively sniff each other out before connecting in a meaningful manner is equally entertaining and relatable. This "courtship" includes Rafa following Ibra around like a puppy.

The racial prejudice that the friends of Rafa (and Rafa going along with this mistreatment) direct at Ibrahim further complicates the efforts of our heroes to connect in the manner in which anyone who has ever seen a film of this type knows that they will. The heart of anyone who possesses such an organ will break on watching Ibrahim overhear Rafa going along with the crowd.

Two related dramatic events roughly an hour into the film prompt the young lovers to flee. This compelling effort will have you alternatively cheering and feeling very badly for the highly likable characters.

On a larger level, "Hidden" shares the releasing characteristic of (mostly) avoiding stereotypes and keeping the presence of doe-eyed twinks to a minimum. Like most subjects of films in the releasing catalog, Ibrahim and Rafa are typical males for their particular environments. They simply find themselves facing challenges related to their desires for loving relationships pulling them in the direction of other boys or men.

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