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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

'Hot in Cleveland' Movie Announced

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A press release from "Hot in Cleveland" creator Suzanne Martin announces that Betty White and her fellow TV Land veteran co-stars are heading to the big screen in September 2018. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS MULTIPLE SPOLIERS.

Martin explained that the cast and crew filmed the movie after finishing the final episode for the "Hot" TV Land series but that several issues have caused the lengthy delay in releasing it. The logic regarding the filming was that the cast and sets were both still available.

The revealed plot is that a global satellite radio network picks up the show of radio host Melanie Moretti, played by Amercian sweetheart Valerie (Van Halen) Bertinelli. This good news opens the door for veteran shock jock Howard Stern to make an appearance, to borrow the technique of the former "must-see" series of co-star Jane Leeves "Frasier" of having celebrities lend their voices to call-in guests of the show, and for Leeves' Joy and Wendie Malick's Victoria to become resentful regarding the response of their perky pal to this success. Another spoiler is that success does spoil Melanie Moretti.

The rift this time drives the women out of the home in the titular city that they have shared since the pilot. (The Victorian apparently is not big enough for two divas.) Another spoiler is that Malick's "must-see" "Just Shoot Me" co-star Laura Giacomo plays the landlady in the temporary digs that Oscar-winning film and former soap/Lifetime movies "Mrs. Ladypants" Victoria rents.

Martin additionally hints at the identity of the classic television ensemble to whom White's Elka rents her home in the wake of Melanie et al moving. One possibility (and possible "Hot" spinoff) relates to a second "Hot" reunion of the women with whom White co-starred on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show."

The final news regarding this film is that this report is an April Fool's Day joke that is designed to compensate for jumping the gun regarding the post yesterday about Matt Damon and Ben Affleck creating a sitcom.

Anyone with questions or comments regarding these pranks is welcome to email me. you can also connect on Twitter via @tvdvdguy.