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Monday, January 19, 2015

'Alien Rising' DVD: Potential Sci-Fi Cult Classic

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Breaking Glass Pictures takes a break from DVD releases of good gay-themed films, including the uber-awesome Del Shores film "Southern Baptist Sissies,"  to release the 2013  sci-fi flick "Alien Rising"  (nee "Gemini Rising") on January 20, 2015. (This event follows a December 2014 VOD release of "Rising.")

The terrific direct-to-video look of "Rising" makes it a perfect choice for when you want to watch a well-produced low-budget fun. The entertainingly hokey premise is that the U.S. military drags emotionally traumatized former Homeland Security officer Lisa Morgan into covert research involving the telepathic ability of aliens who are "guests" of the armed forces.

The following clip, courtesy of YouTube, of the trailer for "Rising" offers a great look at the cheesetastic style of the film that loudly talks cult classic. These include glimpses of a clearly model spaceship and pretty boy extras playing special forces types.

As is the case in good sci-fi, Morgan is selected based on her unique suitability for the project. This qualification relates  to her family background.

Lance Henriksen of a plethora of classic sci-fi theatrical and television series does a great job in his role as the evil Colonel Cencula. Cencula is both under great pressure from above to make a breakthrough and has personal objectives that place him at odds with Morgan.

It does not take Morgan long to figure out that Cencula and his group is being dishonest. Morgan additionally feeling the effects, to which the original title of "Rising" alludes, of extended close proximity to the E.T. creates additional emotional turmoil within this already damaged individual.

The aforementioned developments prompt Morgan to flee into the tropical jungle of the remote (and "uncharted desert" ?) isle on which Cencula is working. This escape attempt requires that Morgan use her kick-ass skills to do just that regarding the men whom Cencula sends after her.

The release of the seemingly more vicious of the two titular visitors from another world complicates matters and contributes unintentionally hilarious humor to the film. Schlock master Rober Corman, who has more than 400 producing credits, could not have designed a more apt monster for this film or orchestrated a better rampage for it.

All of this culminates in an explosive climax followed by an somewhat predictable finale that leaves the door open for a sequel. Fans of good low-budget sci-fi can only hope that that follow-up becomes a reality.

The special features on the DVD consist of a "making of" feature.

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