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Monday, July 3, 2017

'Chance' Theatrical: Animated Pit Bull Puts Good Perspective on Sadly Literal Dog Eat Dog World of Dog Fighting

The pedigree of the cute animated family-friendlyish film "Chance" from James Young Entertainment includes a screening at the Dances With Films Festival in early June 2017. The entertainment and educational value of the film make finding a screening worthwhile.

The tale (pun intended) of the titular pit bull begins with this justifiably forlorn dog lying in the yard of a dogfighting operation; an almost immediate flashback brings us to the early puppyhood of this underdog and shows how his circumstances change so dramatically.

The obvious overall symbolism regarding the dogs whom humans enslave and force to literally fight each other to the death relates to the culture of the dogs being comparable to native Americans and slaves. The dogs have their own names for themselves and for clouds; they additionally have their own god.

The adventures of Chance include essentially being a runaway slave, doing his best to incite his fellow captives to resist their oppressors, and to experience heartbreak regarding the love of his life.

Occasional references to breeding are adequately infrequent and cute to keep "Chance" in family-friendly territory. Additionally, most depictions of violence are kept in check. A few instances of obscene language seem unwarranted and minimally push the film in "PG" territory.

It is difficult to image that any individual who warrants being called a human being not already despising the related practices of training pit bulls to be vicious and pitting (no pun intended) them against each other in the aforementioned death matches. A scene that horribly graphically shows the cruel sadistic means of killing a dog who no longer is able to fight should cause those who condone mistreating those dogs should show those people the errors of their ways.

It is true that propaganda still is propaganda if it supports your view. It is equally true that there is your side, my side, and the truth. However, is it impossible to imagine that there is any justification for dog fighting.

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