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Thursday, January 19, 2017

'Flight 313: The Conspiracy' DVD: Docudrama on Serious Health Risk of Flying

Monarch Home Entertainment continues expanding the scope of its DVD catalog with the January 24, 2017 release of "Flight 313: The Conspiracy" (nee "A Dark Reflection.") "Flight" evokes wonderful thoughts of the '70s and '80s star-studded "issues" TV movies of the week. The declaration on the back cover of the DVD that the movie is "inspired by true events" provides further airplane peanuts for thought. These films were the Internet of their day in that they raised awareness of their previously little-known subject.

The cred. of this film about dangerous carbon monoxide fumes entering the passenger cabin and the cockpit of large jets includes director/writer Tristan Loraine being a former airline pilot. The celebrity involvement includes Marina Sirtis of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" as the wife of airline CEO Charles Jasper, who has orders from the top to hush up the matter. The nature of the relationship of the Jasspers and the boss add to the Troimendous pressure regarding the situation.

The following YouTube clip of the "Flight" trailer provides a good sense of the story and the drama, as well as the aforementioned retro TV Movie vibe of the film.

The opening scenes establish principal character investigative journalist Helen as a fearless and tough pursuer of the truth. She arrives home to England only to discover that a near-miss may end the air-traffic controller career of her highly significant other. Helen discovering evidence that carbon monoxide leaking into the cockpit from the engines may be the culprit for that incident and a similar one. The united elements of personal concern and professional interest make her an unstoppable force.

Much of the entertainment regarding this effort relates to debating with an editor regarding the time and other resources that Helen can devote to this story that essentially falls in her lap. The assets include an eager and charming cub reporter.

Meanwhile, the investigation of Jasper leads him in the same direction as Helen. The matter in which he resolves all the competing interests regarding the matter demonstrates one of the reasons that he earns the big bucks even if doing so comes at the cost of his honeymoon period.

This story being fact based contributes a great deal to the power of it; unlike a herd of snakes, carbon monoxide apparently presents a real threat to the air that airplane passengers breathe and to the alertness level of the pilots. Anyone who has smelled the unpleasant air on a flight easily can imagine that Loraine knows that of which he speaks.

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