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Monday, March 14, 2016

'Sucker' DVD: Awesome Aussie Character Study/Caper Flick

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The first few seconds of the Film Movement North American DVD release of the 2015 Australian character study/caper comedy "Sucker" creates a fulfilled expectation of the movie being even better than the plethora of exceptional films in the Movement catalog. This heightened anticipation relates the studio credits showing that "Sucker" is a production of the uber-awesome Australian media company Madman Entertainment that, like Movement, enjoys well-deserved favored nation status with Unreal TV.

The following YouTube clip of the "Sucker" trailer nicely showcases the style and great wholesomish humor of the film.

John Luc (aka YouTube star "Mychonny") stars as Chinese student Lawrence whose derailed path to medical school puts him on track for a "Paper  Moon" style summer road trip with a con man known as "The Professor" and the daughter of the con man known as Sarah. Uber-awesome British classic/character actor Timothy Spall shines as the outrageous Professor.

The Professor awesomely instructs both Lawrence and the audience in the fine art of grifting. The tried-and-true scam that provides our trio with gas money and the price of motel rooms is almost as amusing as the failed effort of Lawrence to pull off his own con. This segment contributes to the already moderate (G-rated) "Harold and Kumar" vibe of "Sucker."

Like all good caper films, "Sucker" builds to an effort to pull off a climatic big score. In this case, it is an annual high stakes poker game in which Lawrence has an integral role regarding the plan of The Professor. Additional comedy comes in the form of a friend-turned-foe of the senior grifter causing turmoil on showing up at the game.

The relationship between Lawrence and his sister-in-crime also is complicated. She enters the relationship with what musician Mick of the Unreal TV reviewed Madman series "Offspring" would describe as "more baggage than a Qantas flight" and is torn between caring for her new "brother" and wanting to use him for her own (not-so-evil) plans.

The extent to which this film from so far away delivers a Hollywood ending provides additional good entertainment. Lawrence definitely is wiser but may not be any better off at the end of the film than he is at the beginning.

The fourth-wall breaching scenes that play over the closing credits nicely set the stage for the "behind-the-scenes" extra on the DVD.

Anyone with questions or comments regarding "Sucker" is strongly encouraged to email me. You can also connect on Twitter via @tvdvdguy.