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Monday, February 8, 2016

'Second Coming' DVD: Idris Elba Immaculate Performance as Husband of "Miracle Conception" Woman

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Film Movement showcases the indie film cred. of probable future Bond (and past "Luther" and "Promethesus" star) Idris Elba in the 2014 British drama "Second Coming."This film, which is being released to the general public on February 9 2016, is a selection in the infinitely awesome Film of the Month Club that Movement operates. As an aside, the Club page on the Movement site often includes a promo.for new members.

The following YouTube clip of the brief trailer for "Coming" provides a good sense of the artistry of the film.

This understated psychological drama about the impact of the apparently highly unusual pregnancy of London civil servant Jackie has the same live-stage vibe as many Movement films. The drama relates to the pregnancy occurring despite Jackie not engaging in any intimate relations with stressed (but loving) husband Mark, whom Elba perfectly portrays. The story to which Jackie sticks is that she has not done anything to warrant having the letter A sewn on her clothes and cannot explain how she has become with child. The live-stage sense is attributable to "Coming" being the first film effort of playwright Debbie Tucker Green.

Like all good dramas, "Coming" starts out relatively understated in the earlyish days of the pregnancy. Mark is enjoying blissful ignorance, and Jackie is contemplating an abortion without directly referring to that procedure. Tensions (and tempers) slowly escalate as the pregnancy progresses.

The final act clearly is the most dramatic. The relationship between Mark and Jackie is horribly strained, the mental state of the latter is beyond fragile, and their son is suffering from all of it. The final scene is both very surprising and as highly symbolic as the film title.

Movement does equally well in choosing the bonus short film, which is a standard feature regarding Club releases, that accompanies "Coming." The 10-minute American movie "Wait 'Til the Wolves Make Nice" tells the tale of lower-income Detroit children who are easily persuaded to commit an especially despicable hostile act against the Church. The common inter-related themes of forgiveness and religious belief make the two films a good pair,

Anyone with questions or comments regarding "Coming," "Wolves," or "Movement" is strongly encouraged to either email me or to connect on Twitter via @tvdvdguy.